1. we have been looking for the perfect collar for my friends pug, Lola. I think these are them!! Thank you.

  2. Beautiful. My hubby would kill me if I got them. He already thinks I treat our pups a bit girly and they are both boys. Ollie does deserve something nice and sweet after today. Poor little guy.

  3. Look at that puggy! I have two…it’s nice they offer harnesses as well since that is what you should use on a pug. Thanks for the tip! For a more casual look the lady who makes these http://www.puppydogplaids.com is very helpful too. They’re sturdy and well made.

  4. Those are great! I also love Trish Hampton and Bella Bean collar/lead sets.

    I have to ask…why are you sad about neutering Ollie? It’s a good thing. You’re freeing him from a consuming desire that can’t be satisfied. Your freeing yourself from the worry that he’ll escape if there’s a female in heat in the area. Another little bonus for some: no marking! My little guy was neutered at 6 months and he never had the instinct to lift his leg. :) Hooray for looking out for your little guy!

    BTW, it might help to put a little pair of shorts on him for a few days so he doesn’t lick the incision.

  5. hello Ollie I just wanted you to now I mentioned you on My blog…Wanted to wish you well with your recovery and hope you get that new collar!!! You certainly will deserve it!!! Humans!!! go figure…I guess they know best!!! Valerie

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