Jules Place: Art for Living

Yesterday I had the pleasure of previewing some gorgeous works of art at Jules Place, my #1 go to for art in Boston’s South End. I was introduced to this gallery while working for another design firm 4 years ago. It’s not like the typical “art gallery” that you think of- intimidating staff, minimalist design and air of “you don’t know anyting about art”- it’s like walking into the loft of the coolest person you know and coveting everything on their walls. It actually IS in a loft building, and is decked out with comfy couches and cool lighting, zebra hide rugs (hello, I’m sold) and nooks and crannies full of great art at a variety of price ranges and subject matters (landscapes, abstract, photography,etc.) What I also appreciate about Julie and her staff are their relaxed approach to selling art and understanding that sometimes people want to buy art that matches their sofa. To some gallery owners this is a offensive concept, claiming art should be bought for it’s own sake, not to match anything…ever (the horror). Well, as an interior designer, artist and former gallery employee I can tell you that this is the way a lot of people work and it’s perfectly OK! If you have a room already decorated and the art is the final “piece de resistance”, then by all means have it compliment your decor in scale and color! That said, I actually love basing a room’s decor on a magnificent, meaningful work of art- I think if you fall in love with a piece you should absolutely decorate around it (and spend good $ on it). Art should be given just as much thought and consideration as your dining table or wall color- never a last minute “throw whatever on the wall” type of thing, as a poor choice can RUIN a perfectly decorated room. Waiting for the right thing is perfectly fine. Be patient, grasshopper.

I am stepping off my soapbox now to show you some quick snapshots I took at Jules Place yesterday- go on her website here for a catalog of drool-worthy art (I could have posted every image, but had to resist!)

These works by Karin Olah are actually cut piece of fabric!

This huge blue abstraction below looked so breathtaking hung on the bookshelves. It’s such a statement piece for the bold, art loving homeowner!

I might be a smidge obsessed with this artist, Charlotte Foust- the layers, mixed media and colors really spoke to me personally. Absctract art takes some time to appreciate for some- when added to a typically traditional room it just soars!!! And as a painter, I can tell you abstract is the hardest to do. Lots of people may look and say “I could do that” when they see an abstract work- well TRY it. It’s insanely difficult and very daunting!

These black and white pen and ink drawings are incredible- imagine them in a series. The graphic designer in me simply adores the calligraphic influences here.

Works on paper by Jennifer Bain combining traditional imagery in a more modern composition

Here are a couple others that I did not get to see, but love:

Rebecca Koury- LOVE her work.

Suzanne Crocker (adore the pink and red barn…)

How fantastic are these graphic works by Alicia LaChance?

Photographs by Andrew Sovjiani

An ethereal piece by Jill Sykes


  1. I am a huge fan of original art in a home, and I agree that it is perfectly fine to match the art to the sofa! Often the colors that inspire a client are the ones that they will gravitate to in a painting. It makes sense.

    I have been looking for an amazing piece of contemporary art for years now, and may have found ‘the one’ – not at Jules Place, but the piece is by an artist that she represents.

    I discovered Jules Place online a few months ago when searching for an artist I admire, and then found out that she represents an Atlanta artist whose work I love, Christy Kinard. Jules has an amazing roster of artists (I think that she and I must have similar taste), and next time I visit Boston I will see if I can make an appointment to check out the loft (not sure if this is possible, or if she only does scheduled shows).

  2. I love this post! My favorite pieces in my home are from my Mom and Jane Slivka, artist I posted about in my blog some time ago..Original art has so much soul.

  3. You need to bring me here. I want to see it for myself.

    Don’t you think Sad Cloud would fit in perfectly with this collection? Because I do!

  4. OMGoooodness!! I think I might swoon – smelling salts, anyone?
    I will MOST DEFINITELY be heading over to the gallery’s site – amazing, amazing, Uh-mazing! Thanks so much for this post – I’m in love!

  5. Great Post-as a fellow Boston interior designer, I am happy to count Julie as a friend and her gallery as a great resource not only for designers but anyone looking for art for their homes.
    Your pictures really gave a virtual tour of the space and I saw some pieces that I am not familiar with yet-but soon will be after a visit to the gallery!

  6. You are right about two things: Abstract art mixed with traditional furnishings has a lot of impact. Also, abstract art is the hardest to do. I always love it when some DIY site suggests that you create some abstract art by having your kids draw some pictures. You will end up with a house full of childish drawings.

  7. suzanne crocker’s barns remind me of wolf kahn’s work. the colors and subject matter are very similar. you should check him out, if you haven’t already.
    love your blog, by the way! :o)

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