A Surreal Bit of Press…

Waking up yesterday to see myself (and the ever handsome Baxter) on the cover of the Globe Magazine really was surreal. I am truly taken aback by the sheer size of the piece and the amazing pics shot by Eric Roth. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Oh and I was asked to host a chat about making the most of your small space with Globe readers at noon here – stop by and say hi!)

(click for bigger images, if you can’t read the words the article is also here)

Just the images below

Article published in the Boston Globe Magazine, 2/22/09
Story by Marni Elyse Katz
Photos by Eric Roth


  1. Your house looks beautiful, you look wonderful, and I still love that amazing painting that you have in your foyer – the one on the cover of the Globe.


  2. What a lovely piece! Your pictures are gorgeous! I need to know how you hide the cord to your Mac though :)

  3. The whole magazine looked amazing, and I loved the cover image. I got two copies yesterday so I could keep one whole issue and cut out the other pics for my inspiration files.

  4. congratulations. great article. love the green in your office. i used that color for my babies room. it’s a fav!

  5. Erin, the article is fantastic and both you and your home look beautiful. Congratulations on the press! You are going to be a busy bee with all of these new clients.


  6. Great article! I love your idea for framing vintage wallpaper. Where do you find it? Also, are they put in custom frames or are they something stocked from a place like Ikea?

  7. Beautiful pictures, beautiful house! You look gorgeous! I must know where you purchased that AMAZING green necklace you’re wearing. Thank you!!

  8. Beautiful pictures, beautiful house! You look gorgeous! Can you tell me where you got that AMAZING green necklace that you’re wearing in the pictures? Merci!!

  9. Your place looks awesome! Where did you get your kitchen table? Looking for a small-ish one myself for a narrow space, and yours looks like it could work. Thanks!

  10. Great article and wonderful ideas. Where did you get the book shelves that were shown with the Boston Interior chairs. They seem great for saving space.

  11. I’ve gotten more e-mails about those shelves than anything else! They are the Sapien shelves from Design Within Reach.

  12. This looks great, I love all of it! I have to ask- does the fun artichoke pendant over your desk give off enough light for working? I want to get a similar one for our playroom.

  13. Amazing! I just love seeing how your home evolves. I have a pillow addiction too! Your necklace is gorgeous, who makes that?

  14. Your home is so beautiful and well put together. Congratulations on the spread, it was definitly deserved! And I love your turquoise necklace! :)

  15. Congratulations! What a fabulous story!!!!! wow!!!!! I love your office – and your bedroom, and the dining room and living room! all of it!!! seriously – this is so wonderful!!!

  16. Great spread! My friend Kelly Mulderry sent me your blog. love it. love the coffee table from c&b – looks like its from the big sur.

  17. congratulations – amazing!!!
    btw i have that same banana republic necklace and i’m obsessed with it!

  18. Erin, I have been admiring your rooms ever since the article came out. Your living room in particular! I would love to know what paint color you used there, and I can’t seem to find it in all the notes on the site. Thanks in advance.

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