1. I LOVE this! My husband and I just bought our first house (well, MY first house) and we are gutting it! One of my big requests was a chandlier in the dining room and I see more than a few here that I love! Thanks so much for another fabulous resource! Without blogs like yours, I don’t know that I ever would have felt brave or confident enough to undertake a renovation with my first house!

  2. Great help! Especially after reading the blog post about your house, I have been looking for chandeliers and lighting solutions. I found many affordable options!

  3. I love the bell drum with the graphic detail. I was just looking at a pic from an old O and Home that put two big bell drums over a kitchen island and it makes the whole kitchen look fun and modern.

  4. The icing on the cake…that’s the way I feel about lighting. Select pieces — like you’ve chosen — can brighten a room in more ways than one. Yeah for good deals, -susan

  5. Thanks so much for the insight! I always find buying lighting the hardest – it is either ugly or way too expensive! I will have to check out the site, thanks!

  6. Awesome tip! I need to buy about four lamps, and my taste tends toward the expensive. Until now, every lamp I’ve liked has been in the $400 and up range.

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