Away From Here: Tom Scheerer

I’m having one of those weeks where I feel this strong tug inside to just pack my bags and run away to a beach somewhere. Maybe for a week, maybe for good. When life gets to be too much, the thought of living more simply by the shore, writing from a chair with a ocean breeze, really makes me think twice about the lifestyle I’m living. What I would do beyond blogging on a Bahamian island, I don’t know. Perhaps make shell necklaces and sell them on the beach or learn to braid hair? Whatever, I’d be on an island. What I do know, is that designer Tom Scheerer has got it right. Working part time in NYC and part time on the jaw dropping, “I-would-sell-my soul-to-go-there” Harbour Island in the Bahamas, his work is part city slicker, part beach chic. But not in the way you think…
What I really appreciate about his style is that it doesn’t scream “BEACH!!!!” with kitschy signs, neon colors and shoreline thingamajigs scattered about to remind you that YOU ARE AT THE BEACH!!! No harm in having those things, but his more subtle approach using items that relate to the location but could be used anywhere, is…well…just lovely.
This Bahamian saltbox cottage has me with one foot out the door headed to Logan…

This house is so chic yet so relaxed- the tile in the kitchen is genius against that textured blonde wood…

This house has one of the best beach dining rooms ever- the blue painted ceiling, canvas directors chairs and eye pleasing symmetry all create a space that’s calm and cool. And again, that kitchen tile! *Swoon*

He also designed the common spaces at the Lyford Cay Club– I adore the trellis wallpaper and the pink and white striped tent!

Another thought I had was to give it all up and go design and run a small waterfront inn somewhere with Andrew. He’d be the cruise director and I’d design everything and make sure it was pretty beyond measure and that everyone had freshly baked cookies at 4 pm everyday and a lime basil gimlet in hand at 6 pm…. wanna join us?
Until then, I guess I’ll just have to slather on India Hick’s new Harbour Island inspired body line from Crabtree & Evelyn and dream about it. The packaging of her line is pure inspiration! Love it!


  1. I love the kitchen wallpaper and those blond cabinets! The generals bed is so simple and beautiful. The India Hicks is a little vaca in a tube/jar – love the smell of that line!

  2. we just got back from the beach. I so think I am meant to live there. I would love to just get up and go.

  3. I’m sorry you’re down… I get that way too this time of year. Good thing you do have a trip planned and hopefully you’ll come back rested and rejuvenated.

    On a side note, I absolutely love the relaxed vibe of the house and the beautiful, beautiful decor.

  4. Love his look of the painted wooden beamed ceilings. I just did a post today on wooden beams ( …so I am loving this!!

  5. Its not even noon and I’d die for a basil lime gimlet in hand. Its one of those days today and the weather here in Boston is not helping.

    I think a vacation to that beautiful house would help!

  6. He really does have it right, doesn’t he. Some really great work, too.

    I love the unique mantle on the fireplace, and the painted beams give the perfect atmosphere.

    I guess we’re pretty lucky… our company is based right by our house, which is three blocks from the beach. Canadian beach, but still.

  7. I love his work. I have that second home pictured on my inspiration board. The tile in the kitchen is AMAZING. Lately, I feel like having a laid-back beach inspired home much like these.

  8. Hello,
    Oh, I just bought India Hick’s book “Island Life” lots of lovely nuggets and enjoyable writing – co-authored with her husband, David Flint Wood.
    Theirs, like Tom Scheerer’s house, is on Harbor Island.
    Vicarious thrills abound……..(this blustery, cold scape of Lake Michigan out my window is just not the same….)
    Wisconsin reader

  9. Love Mr. Scheerer.. posted about him a few weeks ago.. wish I had to cash to hire him!! :)

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