Element Shops: Pier 1

Hi, my name is Pier 1 and I think you may have written me off as a place that only stocks round rattan Papasan chairs from your old dorm room and patchouli scented candles that give you migraines…but oh, how I have matured! I now have gaggles of cool items for really, really cheap prices…check me out!

Amazing painted garden stools, rocking chairs and stackable chairs for the patio…

Vintage inspired wire items that are totally back in style…

KILLER umbrellas for your porch or deck (the pagoda one on left may end up on MY patio paired with my vintage bamboo dining set!)

Antique inspired furniture…

Hello awesome lighting, where have you been all my life?

Loving this clip/wire/photo board thingamajig and these silverware prints for a kitchen….

Moroccan inspired mirrors…

Yummy accessories…

Odd or awesome? A recycled glass head to prop on a bookshelf and wicker elephant side table (I like Mr. Elephant- he would be v. cheeky on a patio or sun porch)

An embroidered runner, fun outdoor place mats and patio friendly serving set…

Adorable outdoor dinnerware…

Chalkboard canisters and glass bottle carafes…


  1. oooh i totally bought that bamboo-esque coffee table. i’m planning on painting it glossy turquoise. yum. AND that wicker elephant table is prominently featured in the new house beautiful. jonathan adler put it in liz lange’s weekend house. it is too presh.

  2. i was checking out pier 1 while searching for items for your domino book contest. i was very impressed. i actually have some beautiful silk pillows from pier 1 – i love the wire tables and of course the elephant table – very cool!

  3. Odd or not, I have the glass head. My husband hates it, but I think it looks quite nice in our book cases!

  4. So many great items! You know, Sally Wheat (from the post “Stalking the Wheats” on Cote de Texas) has a glass head similar to that in her house and it actually looks awesome.

    I do have a bone to pick with Pier 1, though. I always see these fab finds on your blog, but they are seldom in the Houston stores and you can’t order stuff online. What’s up with that? {End rant}

  5. Ok I have to go get some of those chalkboard canisters! Also, I think I spied that rattan elephant stool in House Beautiful’s spread of Liz Lange’s country home (designed by Adler) this month!

  6. I immediately thought of Liz Lange’s house when I saw that elephant!! Great post- makes me want to rush right out to Pier 1!! And you make me laugh about the migraine inducing candles…

  7. I can spend hours in Peir 1…love it! I buy accessories for clients and they are always surprised where I found them. You just need a discerning eye, like yours! What a great selection. I adore Cost Plus World Market too…I’m lucky that both stores are right next door to each other where I live.

  8. I did see the wicker elephant in Liz Lange’s home (which I loved!) If it’s good enough for Adler, it’s good enough for me!

  9. I think Pier 1 has great stuff (if you look carefully and can have an edited eye). I have a beautiful, velvety chair with nail hooks around the border from there.

    Very comfy!


    Sam @PrettyLovely

  10. Funny story about that glass head— my brother bought one for me several years back and put it on my pillow and tucked it in up to its neck. Needless to say it was the last thing I expected to find in my bed. Hilarious, though. It now rests next to my bathroom sink, holding my headband for washing my face. Love it.

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