Feel A Breeze

Even though it’s not warm yet, I know spring is here. There are little green things popping up in my garden and last night it was still light out at 7p.m. It makes me excited to spend lots of time outdoors. I adore the concept of indoor/outdoor rooms- either ones that transition from inside to outside with ease (and big open doors) or outdoor rooms that function like indoor rooms. With the fantastic fabrics, furniture and rugs for outdoor usage available today, there’s no excuse for ugly patio furniture!
Here’s some eye candy:

Images via Point Click Home, House to Home UK, Domino Magazine, Coastal Living, Sunset, Southern Living.


  1. Yet another reason to mourn Domino, many terrific features on outdoor spaces.

    I honestly don’t know how to feel about all this backyard hardscaping. I love to garden and the idea of eating up 2/3 of my lawn with large patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and the like is not appealing (though these pictures are sure pretty).

    There is a renewed interest in gardening, particularly vegetable gardening. Frankly the economy is more in line with building some raised beds and growing tomatoes and lettuce than building an outdoor kitchen, deck, and fire pit. I’m curious to see what homeowners will end up creating in light of the times and the changing interests.

  2. It was bright and sunny today but the temps never hit 40 degrees.. I too feel spring is in the air after seeing all the new plants peeking through the mulch! Can’t wait to be able to dine el fresco out on my patio!! Thanks for all this wonderful eye candy today!

  3. With hail this afternoon, snow last week, and other crazy weather all throughout March, I soooo want to be at ANY OF THESE PLACES that you are showing me here, as long as they come with the SUN.

    A very inspiring post…
    Thank you.

    and btw Limon, patios & gardening are not mutually exclusive: think herbs, lavender, roses, tomatoes and oh.. so many other edibles !

    i did not even mention the climbers..

    (tip from a patio mamam)

  4. These are great settings….I especially like picture #3 that has a lift up window. My practical side always kicks in when I think of upholstered furnitute outside!
    We want to build an outdoor fireplace..thanks for great pictures!

  5. P.S. I was going to go to Limom’s site but there isn’t one.

    I agree with you though about that very subject. The only thing I don’t like about our house is that shaded yard. No vegetable garden for me.

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