Healing Colors

I saw this story in Connecticut Cottages and Gardens Magazine and totally loved it. The owner of the home is a woman going through a really tough divorce and so she decided to make her new rented space a true reflection of herself- feminine, bold and fun. I love that she celebrated her ability to do whatever she wanted in her space instead of focus on her tough situation….if you’re going through a similar time, I would highly suggest running out and buying a big ol’ can of bright pink paint and painting a room! :)

The designers of the space were from Healing Barsanti, a firm in Connecticut that also has three home stores called HB Home. I think I may have to make a design pilgrimage!!!

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  1. Stellar.
    Love the “turq-waz” fabric on the two chairs beside the fireplace. Does the mag provide the source?

  2. Erin, I am in Ct and have never heard of this firm or their store. Thank you for the intro! What a fabulous house and the store looks divine. I would love to go with you if you do the pilgrimage!

  3. those top two photos, really exemplify the use of large pieces in a small space, and how well it works.

    I think that so many people shy away from, pattern, deep color and over scale in these spaces when in fact, it’s exactly what’s needed.

  4. These spaces are gorgeous and quite inspiring. Do you think I can convince my boyfriend to paint the walls bright pink?

  5. Love the pops of color on the neutral background. Perfect pick-me-up after a divorce, I’m sure!


  6. I am IN LOVE. So much eye candy I can’t stand it. Tori Spelling used the exact red and toile fabric in the first photo and I’ve been looking all over for it. Great post!

  7. LOVE the first two pics… AND the idea of a woman decorating for herself. Sometimes I fantasize that I have my own little secret apartment somewhere, decorated just for me…

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