I’m Off!

necklace via Kristen Grace

Adios, my friends, I am departing to take 5 days to myself in the sun to celebrate my brother’s wedding in Turks & Caicos….I’ll drink a rum punch for you and take lots of great pictures!

In the meantime, I have a VERY special guest blogger tomorrow, Audra of Looc Boutique and wedding fame…. can’t wait to see what this extraordinarily stylish lady has in store for you! On Monday my new associate Kate will BRING IT and drop some serious design goodness on ya.

Bon Voyage!!!



  1. Bon Voyage! Enjoy both the company the time away. Congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds.

  2. Happy time. Have a blast & defiantly tip one back for us!

    Looking forward to the pics.

    Bon Voyage Erin!

  3. have fun!
    give us all the details when you get back.
    My husband and I are going there in September for his birthday.

  4. I’m very jealous- have so much fun!!

    PS- loved your little blurb in the Improper Bostonian this week, I love the wallpaper idea- post pics when you are done!

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