Reader Photos: Perfection in Portugal

I received these stunning photos from a reader in Portugal and was so blown away I had to post them! Ana Cristina Antunes is a TV producer in Lisbon and clearly has a talent for design (not to mention killer digs and a love of Tricia Guild)…

Can we discuss the jaw dropping gorgeousness of this building? They don’t build ’em like that in the States!


  1. WOW! This woman place is beautiful! And that building…Ahhhhhh..dreamy!
    I love the color in the
    Dining Room! I wonder where she got that coffee table in the living room – that would fit nicely in a living room I am trying to finish. Do you happen to know? Beautiful post, this woman has great taste – love it!

  2. WOW! I love it all! That topiary tree in the window in the living room is so great! Loved it all!!!

  3. gorgeous, this is amateur?

    I would never have thought of the dining room color combo. and I can’t believe the dressing room and reading nook are in the same space.

    Almost all shots went directly into my inspiration file. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I think every reaction has been that of shock and awe – this space is amazing so I will echo the rest and say “Wow!” because that home truly is stunning!! This is possibly my favorite home you have posted!!

  5. Wow, this place is stunning, beyond stunning actually! I love EVERYTHING about it and want to move right in!

  6. Completely stunning. In particular, I love the hot pink touches in the bedroom and of course that amazing staircase.

  7. Holy cow i love these especially the wall paper in dining room and bathroom. Is it possible to get the sources for some of the items in the photos?

  8. coveting the lamp shades! Amongst other things- but darn why can’t we find lamp shades like that here?

  9. Oh my goodness…STUNNING!! Thanks for sharing this. What an absolutely beautiful home!

  10. I’m green with jealousy! Your blog title says it all: it truly IS perfection in Portugal!!

  11. Wow – she lives in this amazing places AND in Portugal! just too lucky! This is absolutely gorgeous!

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