Wedding Style: Audra & Tripp

the bride and groom on the cover of Nantucket Magazine

I hope you are all strapped into your seats for this one because it will rock your world. My friends Audra & Tripp were married last summer on Nantucket and the event was stylish beyond measure. Not surprising coming from Audra who is the owner of Looc Boutique in Boston’s South End (I blogged about it previously here). From the Thread Social bridesmaids dresses to the invites by Black Pearl Press to the men’s Nantucket red pants, it was a top to bottom beach front masterpiece.
Watch this UNBELIEVABLE slide show by photographer Claudia Kronenberg of their big day and try not to cry, I dare you. I am not a crier and I cry every damn time I watch it (I sheepishly admit to fully stalking their wedding and watching it several times.) You can read all about it in Boston Magazine Weddings current issue as well!
** Note on 4/5- the song in the slide show is called “Best in Me” by There There!



  1. Amazing photos. Does anyone know what the song is that is playing during the slide show?

  2. erin, i’m touched and honored to have our wedding featured on your fabulously addictive blog. thank you so much for the extremely kind words. it has been so much fun getting to know you and love that you are exactly the strong, beautiful woman believed to be behind all of your success. the world needs more of you around. xx

  3. I adore the dress, I adore the mens outfits. Seeing such a scene of happiness and promise brightened this rainy, dreary day.


    P.S. – Heading to Boston this fall, can’t wait to go to Looc!!

  4. OMG!! This has got to be the most unique, stylish wedding I’ve ever seen! Audra’s dress (and she herself)–breathtaking!!

  5. I never understood the big grins brides tend to have on their faces in all of their wedding pictures… until I got married to my own gorgeous rock star husband. When I look at Audra’s wedding album, I remember the joy I felt on my big day, too. That bliss is second only to giving birth! Thank you for sharing Audra’s special photos with us. Remarkable, gorgeous, happy. xoxo

  6. Audra’s wedding looks like it’s a J.Crew photoshoot (and I happen to love J.Crew so I mean this as a compliment!) Love it!

  7. This wedding is beautiful!! I’m not engaged yet, but I’m gathering lots of inspiration wedding pictures for when that time comes, and I just saved most of these- love everything about it!

  8. What a lovely slideshow and gorgeous wedding!! Everything about it seems so unique and thought out to reflect the couple’s flawless taste.

    Makes me nostalgiac for my college days in the summer–being on Nantucket, wearing Jack Rogers sandals, and crushing on cute preppy boys like the ones in these pictures :) Oh to be 20 again!

  9. The music is Best In Me by There There and was found on Triple Scoop Music which licenses photographers music to use for slideshows and websites.
    Thank you for posting this. I agree that their wedding was amazing and probably my all time favorite wedding ever! The love these two have for each other made my job bliss!

  10. I’ve searched for this song that is playing to the slide show to no avail- if anyone knows it, please post… it’s really sweet.

  11. Love the mens nantucket reds, their ties, the centerpieces are so lovely and the cake is a perfect compliment.

  12. these are so stunning- exactly what i would love to do if i were to get married out east. so stylish & so sophisticated!

  13. I had the honor of being one of Audra's bridesmaids, and although it has almost been a year since their beautiful wedding, I am still breath taken by the perfection that this day exuded! Actually, it was an entire week of perfection, but the wedding day itself was beyond description…. Audra & Tripp deserved nothing less & I wish them both a lifetime of happiness!!! I wish everyday could be as fun, relaxing, entertaining, stylish and lovely as that week at Wingspread, ACK was.

    Be sure to all visit ' Looc' in Boston's South End…. you will be graced by Audra & experience the prettiest lil' boutique, filled with the classiest clothes…. it's fun… check it out xox

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