BHG? Really???

Are you as surprised as me to find images like this from Better Homes & Gardens? While at my parent’s house last weekend I picked up a copy and there was this ADORABLE house renovation (I couldn’t find pics of it online) that was so modern and chic I was a bit floored. I thought BHG to be more of a “home ec” type of publication. Another source to look to!
9Sorry about the little arrows on the pictures, when you are on the site you can roll over them adn they give you source suggestions for similar items!)

(Loving the turquoise and burnt orange color scheme in the bedroom below and the rich grey and turquoise in the living room at right- with that West Elm rug that we all love and wish they would bring back!)

(I adore both these bedrooms below- the rich, daring one to the left and the bright, beachy one to the right)

(Note the wallpapered ceiling in the foyer below right- love it)

(Note the wire inset cabinets in the bath below right- genius)


  1. This is hilarious, because I recently did a similar post on their May issue! I was so pleasantly surprised and shocked by what I found in their magazine. BHG has really stepped up its game!

    There are so many gorgeous rooms in this house!

  2. My 91 year old great-aunt is always sending me her past issues of BHG…and I have to admit I don’t always “read” it before it goes in the recycle bin, but these images not only caught my eye, but I also ended up pulling out a few pages for my “to save” folder!

  3. They have some pretty fab ideas lately- I took a bunch of their magazines from my parents house a few weekends ago and was surprised how many pages I tore out for my inspiration files.

  4. Wow, great ideas. Especially love the office one where you tuck you printers away on roll out shelves.

  5. gorgeous…I like the little breakfast nook and the white bench being used as a coffee table.


  6. Some of my favorites houses are from BH&G… they have been picking up the slack lately!

  7. I recently had the exact same experience! I was at my mom’s house digging through her magazines and was floored when I flipped through the recent BGH issues.

    I remember it as lots of project that involved hot gluing ticky-tacky ribbon on things!

    New Editor? Trying to absorb some of the reader with no more shelter magazines to their name? Whatever the reason, the homes are great!

  8. BHG and Country Living are SMART to step it up. nothing will replicate Domino but at least there are some good changes going on!

  9. oh no! The secret is out! BHG has been one of my go to resources for the last few years. They highlight some great rooms and thank goodness affordable!

  10. Too funny. I had the same experience visitng my Mom’s friend. I wanted to say hey this isn’t as old lady as I remember. Did not, raised right but boy was I surprised.

  11. My mother-in-law has been subscribing for me for the last 3 years…She sends the magazine home with my husband every month. She started doing that when I became an interior designer. I love her..BHG isn’t so bad:) It offers real design tips. That’s always good..

  12. whoa, these are completely unexpected!!! i love all of them!
    maybe BHG will be the new Domino? ;-)

  13. I was shocked too, when I just got my first issue. I subscribed for only $5 for the year- screaming deal! They are really stepping it up!

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