Bostonians: A Peek Inside the Gardens of BH

Ever wonder what’s behind those brick walls and iron gates of the charmed row houses of Beacon Hill? Now you can take a peek, during the 2009 Beacon Hill Garden Club Tour on Thursday, May 21st! I’m going for sure- why not play hooky and join me? After seeing all the uber-luxurious spaces I may have to repair my ego with a big ol’ cocktail at the BEacon Hill Bistro after wards!
And, if you aren’t headed to Brimfield this weekend but need an antique fix, take a jaunt out here to JP for the estate sale happening near the monument on Center Street on Saturday. Last year that’s where I scored this beauty… you never know!


  1. I am so bummed I won’t be in Boston for this. I was dying to go, but my schedule just won’t allow. But last weekend, my fiance and I did find a darling little place in Beacon Hill! It is just a rental but will work for our first year of marriage! Yay!

    Take lots of photos if they let you. The best part is that you get to walk through the houses to get to the gardens :)

  2. Those BH gardens are gorgeous! I’m going on a garden tour in Pacific Palisades this weekend so we’ll have to compare Flora and Fauna.

    Congrats on the Ruby Press mention!

  3. great to know! do you have any more details on the estate sale? (where, hours, etc?)


  4. I don’t have any specific info- I just saw a banner for it near the monument on Center Street- it’s not big, but worth a stop in if you are nearby.

  5. Can somebody tell me why the tour is on a Thursday? Seriously?! there are people with office jobs out there who wanna go……

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