Dad 2.0

My dad’s design firm finally has a website! Yay for the 21st century! I had to celebrate with some pics of some of my favorite projects of his- and if you need an architect, you know where to find the best now!

(that’s my parent’s personal residence above, for a treat you can see my mom’s garden here…still amazed that I can’t keep one orchid alive and she can do all this.)

I simply love these little tennis bungalows he designed for a private school…


  1. Jessica- He designs with old homes in mind (the details, scale, etc) which is what I like so much.
    That house you love is our old beach house which was sold- I miss it, it was fabulous! :(

  2. You have just given me a major hankering for New England. There is nothing like it design wise. This is the time of year to start yearning for all things Yankee.
    Thanks for your fabulous photos. Your mother and father are extremely creative… the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

  3. Do you know which window company your dad uses on these gorgeous homes? The views are simply breathtaking.

  4. Your father’s work is absolutely stunning! If only I had the money to commission him to build my dream home…

  5. Wow. All of those are absolutely classic and timeless. I love newer houses built to look like older ones.

  6. Wow, I am totally in love with all of these homes. I love those wrap around porches and all the wainscoting!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous homes. I wish we had somebody designing homes like this in Portugal. We have so many old and historic buildings to bring back to life, and no one with this kind of tallent! You must be so proud of your tallented father and gorgeous mother (I saw her picture on facebook). That was a hell of a inh-erin-tance!!!

  8. Just gorgeous. Thanks for the great post which has inspired me to go out and dig a bit more in the dirt. Ok, maybe in a couple of weeks after my c section!!

  9. We love it when you blog about your dad’s work – he is super talented! It must run in the family… your blog and will make note of this new link! Thanks.

  10. Go Dad! and Mom too!
    They are so lucky to have in-house advertising too!
    I am building an architecture & design list…will be sure to add NED.

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