Fashion Friday: Packing for Paris

A reader asked me to do a fashion post on what I would pack for my impending trip to Paris- so I spent way too long thinking about it and put this together. Most of these items are WAY out of my price range, but I was having fun- it’s the general styles that they represent… (or maybe I’ll win the lottery and I can have the Marc Jacobs bag and Loeffler Randall shoes…) Regardless, when packing for trip you have to bethoughtful nd only bring items that are easy to mix and match- like nude simple heels, for example- they go with any color outfit and there is no need for a second pair of heels, which takes up valuable suitcase real estate! Same with the tops- any of them could be paired with jeans and flats for a csual look, or paired with dressier black capris and heels and some fun jewelry for dinner out.
Packing for Paris

Packing for Paris by elementsofstyleblog featuring Converse Shoes

Now, I have to actually BOOK my tickets!!!


  1. A million yeses on this board, you’ve perfectly captured French chic with pieces that would be easy to mix and match while traveling. Now I’m off to buy my lotto ticket!

  2. How timely! We are leaving for a week in Scandanavia today. You’re making me re-think whether I should bring my stone-colored city capris… That wrap dress, perhaps with a pair of thick black tights and black flats, would be perfect for the plane. SO much better than the ubiquitous velour tracksuit!

  3. Love the striped shirt & jeans & converse! That belted trench is a really great find!!

  4. I love what you have done here :) it is sooo what I would pack as well ;) happy weekend!

  5. I picked up the DVF wrap dress on sale last weekend at Neiman’s. If they still have it, there’s one less thing to spend your lottery earnings on!

  6. Love this!! Will definitely be bookmarking for future reference as my husband and I are planning a Paris/Italy trip for next year. =)

  7. I leave for a week in Paris on Saturday so your post has helped me with my packing dilemmas, which usually abound as I hate packing!

    I can’t wait to go – I lived there for a while but haven’t been back for 7 years, so it’s a long overdue!

    When are you heading to the most beautiful city in the world?

    A bientot :)

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