Goin’ Country

We are all searching for new sources of design inspiration these days, seeing as every time we turn around another beloved shelter magazine shuts it’s doors. While blogs are increasing in popularity (yay) from this, even I, someone who wants to see blogs triumph, know that nothing can compare to sitting down with an actual magazine and flipping through the pages. So I have been test driving some publications I’ve previously ignored to see what I can find. And boy was I suprised by some of the images I found in Country Living! Sarah Gray Miller, formerly of O at Home and InStyle Home has taken over and given the mag a much needed freshening up! While those of you who have a more Met Home aesthetic still may not dig it, it’s certainly more country chic than I’d imagined!

photos via CountryLiving.com


  1. I really appreciate these photos today. And knowing there's another publication out there that's worth a look — priceless. I'm still bummed that half of my subscriptions have vanished (Domino & Western Interiors). The pictures are gorgeous! Cheers.

  2. These might be my favorite photos you’ve posted. But then, I’m a country girl at heart. :-)

  3. Cannot believe these photos were in Country Living!! I will be checking their issues out from now on. They should be mailing you a check!!
    Great job

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the zebra pattern and organge geometric pillow combo…the organge is such a nice, subtle pop of color.

  5. These are amazing – I am in love with that pantry with the chalkboard drawers… and anything with black and white stripes :)
    Great find Erin!

  6. I agree with you. This magazine is getting better and chicer every time. I love that pink room, so chic and refreshing. I did a post a little while ago about how impress about with magazine, you should check it out.

  7. I just picked up my first issue of Country Living the other day and absolutely LOVED it! I marked so many pages and will definitely be picking it up again!

  8. I am glad Country Living is filling the niche. There is no online substitute for being able to read on the beach–or on a plane.

  9. As a southern belle myself I have always loved Country Living – it’s been my little secret, but now I suppose I can come out of the “country closet”!!

  10. Gorgeous! I had no idea Country Living had gotten so chic. I'm definitely going to pick up a copy next time I'm at Barnes&Noble.

  11. Fresh, Open, Clean and Liveable . . . LOVE THAT! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    XOXO, Alexandra

  12. Country Living has been one of my favorites for longer than I'd like to say, and yes, they have given themselves a bit of a "Domino-esque" makeover. Funny, because Country Home, now closed, was the "country style" mag that always seemed to keep their down-home look a little edgy while Country Living was all cabins and quilts through and through. I hope the makeover keeps them alive cuz I need to get my country-cottage fix somewhere! (btw, to anyone who cares, the UK mag Country Homes & Interiors is pretty great)

  13. Yay! Thanks for goin’ country- those were all great photos. I love country style! =)

  14. Nice photos…you’re right! I used to read the magazine religiously a few years back, but it started getting a little too country bumpkin. Looks like Country Living has a new flava!

  15. I bought the most recent issue of Country Living and will probably continue to do so as I mourn the loss of my precious domino! Still sad. I finally received a postcard in the mail telling me my subscription had been replaced with Lucky… it was like a knife to my heart!

  16. I must say I am quite impressed! I will have to pick up this magazine next time I’m at the store!

  17. Wow, these photos are such an inspiration! I just LOVE each and every one of them…especially the living rooms with the over sized wooden tables.

  18. Super cute pictures… I might have to add Country Living to my LOOONG list of magazine subscriptions!

  19. These images are fantastic.. and indicative of what country today looks like. I’ll be checking out more of Country Living..


  20. I would have always stayed far away from anything with the word “country” in the title, but a few years ago a friend handed me a copy of Country Living and I was instantly hooked! It didn’t feel country to me. I became a subscriber immediately and have to say it is one of my favorite magazines!

  21. I love it! Half of these pages you scanned I have saved in my “favorites” folder at home .. My absolute favorite is the old wooden bench with collection of green children’s chairs!


  22. I actually subscribed to Country Living last month. I guess I was looking for a slightly laid-back magazine to replace Cottage Living.
    Beautiful Images.


  23. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I need to give this publication another look – it has a lot to offer.

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