InspirationMay 13, 2009

I Want to Go To There: ACK

Right about now I’d love to be spending time at a shingled, tiny, rose covered Nantucket cottage- spending my days trolling the town and beaches on a bike with a wicker basket and nights with friends on a porch. I love the aesthetic of Nantucket, especially once the warm weather hits. It makes me want to revert to my uber-preppy days of Lilly and grosgrain trimmed everything…

I’ve always adored the cover of this book an Nantucket’s architecture- my dad has had it on his coffee table for years!

Even the birdhouses are architectural gems. And probably cost more than my condo.

The perfect ending to a summer day in Nantucket in pictures:

And I’d be wearing this:

Gladly welcoming invitations…. :)

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