The Ideal Summer Workspace

I woke up yesterday and actually felt a pang of longing for the days I would get ready and go into a busy office- with real people to talk to. Currently, I work out of our third bedroom and have very long, in depth conversations with my dogs instead (Baxter has strong opinions on decor, Ollie just likes to eat fabric samples, and I apparently, am now the “crazy dog lady”). But imagine being able to work in this artists cottage in the summer- opening those barn doors to feel the breeze come in while you sip a hot cup of coffee and write your amazing blog. :) Hutker Architects is an insanely talented local design firm that creates not only traditional beach residences and cottages, but their “new vernacular” residences which are modern takes on shingled New England summer homes (check the extensive portfolio for more…) But back to my artists studio….

I picture stumbling down to this little outbuilding to work from this other charming Vineyard Victorian renovated by Hutker. Can you tell I’m in a New England shore frame of mind these days? :)

Photos by Julian Was and Brian Vanden Brink


  1. I froze at the stained glass windows in the door and the red rocking chairs on the porch, divine!

  2. Just a little bit in love with the first cottage. The light, the WHITE, and all of that space…I think I could be very happy doing some creating there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. More people are moving out of the office, and into inspiring places. I love the idea that you can move your office anywhere for inspiration.

    These places are delightful. I would love to spend some time in that victorian..just lovely


  4. You can come and work at our office at Sarah Richardson Design! Its pretty fabulous and cozy, even on these rainy days in downtown Toronto.

  5. I gasped out loud at the interior of the first “workspace” cottage. If I ever find myself with tons of money to burn, I’m hiring you to recreate that for me!

  6. I’ve never been to New England but all of your pictures are making me want to go there pronto!

  7. So traditional New England, I love it!! I could work in that first office everyday and be so happy- its beautiful!

  8. there’s a beautiful yellow dresser in one of those photos that I am in love with! How pretty!

  9. I had a chance to visit the first studio–it’s Laurie Krasny Brown’s on Martha’s Vineyard–and it’s even more beautiful and inspiring in person. It’s no wonder Laurie creates such amazing art. I need a studio like that!

  10. The studio itself could be sufficient to inspire for creative work. I wouldn’t mind working in it even if it is situated in my country;)

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