No Regrets

I don’t know if you are anything like me when it comes to buyers remorse, but I typically end up changing my mind about things I purchase for myself. A top that I just had to have turns questionable one week later, throw pillows I was lusting after bore me within a month. It’s really annoying. It’s not that I no longer like these things, it’s that I feel like another bigger and better version has come along. I was standing in front of my very full closet the other night, trying to pick out something to wear and exclaiming for the 100th time that “I hate everything”. It made me think about those purchases I’ve made over the last few years that I never tire of. EVER. In today’s economy I don’t think we should be buying lots of cheap stuff, but rather buy less but quality items that will last forever. Here’s my list of forever items- and let me know what some of your items are that you don’t regret buying!

* My Vera Wang Grosgrain china. No, I didn’t buy it, I was gifted it all, but I will never regret this classic pattern.
* My vintage french opaline glasses I bought on a whim at an antique show. I wasn’t sure about the price, but I just HAD to have them and am so glad I do! They are unique and look amazing paired with that china!

*Not all my “no regrets” purchases are pricey- like my pair of lucite stacked ball lamps I bought at Homegoods 5 years ago for $35 each! A modern classic, they’ve traveled to several homes with us- and several more in the future. Same goes for my $99 crystal chandelier. I had one in my last condo and when we sold it and moved, I put another one in my bedroom again! Sure, I almost had a stroke trying to put it together myself, but I love the sparkle!

*We were given one Sapien bookshelf as a gift, and at first I wasn’t sure about it, but then I fell madly in love and bought a second! These are sure to be future antiques abd are quite the space saver!

* My brown West Elm Moroccan window rug. I love this thing to death and am so sad they no longer make it (dying to find the kelly green one on eBay). Also, my $40 starburst mirror from Pier 1– a design statement for next to nothing!

*My foo dogs I got on eBay for $19. I am quite obsessed with them and after buying them I started seeing them everywhere for a fortune!
* My REAL dogs– the best money I’ve EVER spent. Really. Baxter was full price (fancypants breeder) and Ollie was bargain basement (Petfinder-please consider adopting a dog) and they are best friends and make me smile every single day about 100 times.

*If I could only wear one item of clothing for the rest of my life it would be a Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage print wrap dress. At over $300 a pop, they are quite the wallet buster for me, but teh “cost per wear” is like NOTHING since I live in them (this is how I justify buying them to the hubby). The knockoffs just don’t fit the same!
* These two J.Crew embroidered linen tunics I got years ago were $98 each and again, the cost per wear is like $.05 since I wear them all spring and summer. They fit amazing, the quality is insanely good and I always get compliments! J.Crew are you listening? MAKE THEM AGAIN!

* My black Coach Legacy bag was my biggest “bag” purchase ever. I still can’t believe how much I spent on it, but you know what? I adore it still, even thought it weighs about 10 pounds when empty! It’s classic in it’s details, but also packs a punch. When not carrying that bad boy around, I am most often seen with my Lauren Merkin gold leather Eve clutch. It’s a lifesaver, I highly recommend getting one!
* Another “I can’t believe I’m spending this much” purchase, but from 8 years ago! This Theory black leather motorcycle jacket was heinously expensive, but I told myself it was “forever”…and guess what, it has been so far! I still love it, and the leather only gets better over time!

* Jewelry is something I usually buy vintage or really cheap (H&M) since I like to lose earrings and such. But these two things were worth every penny. My Jennifer Meyer leaf necklace I drooled over on Jennifer Aniston in The Breakup. Really wanted the diamong one, but c’est la vie! And my gold Coach watch from Bluefly that I kindly sent to my hubby as a “suggestion” and to my shock, he actually surprised me with it for no reason! People always comment on it, and it looks a lot pricier than it was!

As for beauty, I always change my mind about foundation, blush, shadow, creams, glosses- everything. I always want to try something new. There are only a couple things I repeatedly buy and am devoted to. One is the “magic wand”- Yves St. Laurent’s Touche Eclat. It’s a miracle worker, really. Especially used on top of Cle de Peau’s concealer (middle). Let me digress here and say that I realize this product is laughably expensive at $70 a tube, BUT it lasts literally forever (some people say 3 years, mine lasted 1 year- I guess I use a lot of concealer!) and works better than anything else out there. For real. If you have dark circles, try these two products together and you’ll thank me! Lastly, the perfume I’ve been wearing for years that is so hard to find, but still makes my husband swoon (and my mom want to snuggle with me)- Child. It’s a hand blended oil and I continue to love the smell application after application (and no, it doesn’t smell like baby powder and tears).

Making this list has spurned me on to donate a bunch of clothes to Goodwill and do some major spring cleaning and streamlining! Hope it inspired you too!


  1. What a lovely post. It’s good to remind ourselves to appreciate the beauty in things we have, rather than just long for things we want.

  2. This is one of my most favorite post of yours yet. I so understand that regret feeling but when you love something it’s bliss. I think I really need that Sapien bookcase in m life, like yesterday. I’s now on my must have list. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  3. So true and such a great reminder–a good exercise for everyone to do. You have some great classics, too! And not to throw everything off, but you should try Makeup For Ever’s Full Cover concealer (if you haven’t already)… one thin layer could probably cover a tattoo and no one would ever know!

  4. i have that same exact china! i looove it and suprisingly i got quite a few of it for wedding gifts. i don’t ever use it, but i love getting it out of the “wedding closet” and just looking at it. i also have some gold rimmed china that my grandfather got in korea years ago and it looks great w/ the grosgrain! i can’t wait to use it or display is someday (soon)!

  5. Love this post! For all your men readers – Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat has been reformulated in a men’s version!

  6. I have the same feelings about my DVF dresses! I can easily justify each vintage wrap dress! Love tunics from TB and have some Indian ones from random SF boutiques and quadrilles small designer line! Fun Stuff!

  7. I smiled at the motorcycle jacket as I am everyday in love with mine. It’s beautiful, it’s brown, fits flawlessly, enhances everything, needs nothing, it’s really something…

  8. And the best is….. Your Dogs!!!! They are beyond precious and almost up there with mine! They definitely give one more pleasure (that lasts) beyond any other goodies, even though I want them too!

  9. This was such an inspirational post – makes me want to streamline to the best of the basics!

  10. This is a great post. I just sent it to my BF who has so many clothes he never wears. Also, I met the owner of Child and she is nice, gracious, and kind. Child is still made at her home in Texas, by hand. It’s packaged and labeled by hand as well. It’s a work of art in a bottle and you are right – timeless.

  11. You made me think of all those little treasures I have in my home and closet… and also felt quite inspired to clean-sweep the place and donate stuff I don’t need-use-wear anymore…. Thank you!!!!

  12. love this post. i cleaned out closets this weekend (trying to make room for the husband’s clothes as he makes room for the baby’s clothes in his closet (in the guest room)… as I unloaded the closet I realized I pretty much have a uniform, and don’t wear half the stuff I have. I kept thinking “i need a storage unit” or “I need a garage”, but really what I need is a to make a trip to Goodwill! Great post! I think my mid-year Resolution is to “buy less, buy smart”…

  13. some great finds over the year..and i agree, i can always justify scoopping up a dvf wrap dress, bc its worn to death! and soooooooo flattering

  14. I love this post! What a great idea. Now I am mentally filing through my belongings and making my list.

    I’m 100% with you on the Vera Wang Grosgrain China (my registry choice, too, and I love it so much), and the Touche Eclat – I’ve used it for years and will never stop!

    As far as foundation goes, can I please recommend Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It is THE BEST – light, breathable, yet covers and gives your skin a beautiful glow. I think it’s quite about $65 in the States – it costs for 35 Euro where I live, so put it on your Paris shopping list (or better yet – duty free)!

    Thanks for an interesting and inspiring post!

  15. You have amazing style & taste. You are dead on about the DVF dresses….copies are just not the same…I am so excited to go to the sample sale in NYC on 6/2-6/5…you should come down here just for it! That watch is so beautiful & the vintage turquoise glasses are divine!

  16. A great post ! Love that you shared all your personal favorites.. You have impeccable taste. Makes me think of all the things that I will hold on to forever..


  17. My no regrets are also my vintage pieces both clothing & decor. I love knowing that there's not thousands raoming around the earth, mind you at the same time my J Crew cashmere argyle cardigan in pink & orange was crazy but its a great brand of crazy.
    Love the post.

  18. I love the concept of this post! It makes me think about what would be on my own list. Your foo dogs are awesome! And I am a Touche Eclat user, too. Oh, and your dogs…that touched my heart:) Great picks!

  19. Doesn’t it make you feel good to have made wise purchases? I am still wearing everything I have ever bought from Theory. The price may seem ridiculous for the items at first, but they outlast everything else in the closet. And I can always count on them to make summer clothes in my favorite color–black!

  20. Your dogs are so incredibly cute! My dog’s name is Baxter too! You didn’t happen to name him after Ron Burgandy’s dog in Anchorman did you? That’s where I got the idea to name mine! :-)

  21. Oh my gosh, can’t even tell you how much I loved this post. So personal, so chic, so classic. Thanks for taking the time to share!!!

  22. I totally agree that investing in quality is the way to go. BTW, I just love your chandelier :)

  23. What a great post – from a guy’s perspective here are a few of mine:

    1. Philip Stark Louis Ghost Chair – it makes me smile every day and its like a piece of art – when the fad is over and done with I feel like I’ll have a vintage item.

    2. Alden penny and tassel loafers – at $598 retail getting slightly used pairs on eBay was a great decision.

    3. Classic Beaufort Barbour Jacket. Cost per wear, free at this point.

    4. Wusthof Knives – they make all the difference when cooking.

  24. Aw, your picture of Ollie made me cry; he's the spitting image of my beloved Jacob, who just passed away last month at 14.5 yrs. Jacob was rescued off the street as a puppy and we never knew what breed/mix he was, so I'm wondering if you know what Ollie is? I would love to know.

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