Summer’s Here!!!

With the weekend holiday fast approaching and the thermometer reaching into the 80’s in the northeast we can all finally rejoice in the fact that it is SUMMER!!! I have to say, there really is nothing like summertime on the coast of New England. If you get a chance to come and visit one of our best beach towns (Kennebunkport, Newport, Nantucket, the Vineyard, the entire Cape, etc.) you really need to because it is truly the most charming place in the world this time of year. Inspired by that, here are some great decor items that remind me of summer in New England!

Driftwood end table by C&B Woven lights from PB
My most favorite beach house photograph ever, Hartwig House by Joel Myerowitz, available here.

Faux bamboo vintage outdoor dining set on eBay! (someone get this, I already have one!)

Decorative resin coral and an artichoke lamp from Stray Dog Designs.

Fisherman’s Wall Sconce from PB Kids and a porthole mirror from Restoration Hardware

A summery bench, unique vintage looking adirondack chair and a perfect console named after Martha’s Vineyard!

Reiter8’s recycled sail pillows

Shell and wood chandeliers from Oly Studio

Rope doorstop or bookend and Nantucket Basket china by Wedgewood

“Dreamscapes” limited edition prints through Gardenhouse

Seaport lanterns from PB Coral chair from Oly Studio


  1. I am sittin gin our beach house in an absolute deluge so this was a lovely interlude – a reminder it will return!

  2. Oh my goodness I just bought some recycled sail throw pillows last week from my favorite little Atlanta antique and design shop! My fiance LOVED them! They even have a grommet in the top right hand corners. Love that look. Has a masculine feel too it too, which I am realizing I need to infuse a bit more.

  3. I seriously looked at the faux bamboo dining set just yesterday to purchase! Thanks, now I’m going to have to speed it up a little bit with the hubby. No couple of days of sweet talk now!

  4. loooooooove that bamboo dining set!! i’ve been craving that artichoke lamp since it was in house beautiful a few months back. they are so darling!

  5. Great selection. Thanks for featuring my upcycled sail pillows! The big chunky monkey knot is a favorite .. among many.

  6. The faux vintage bamboo is to die for! I will be on the look out for another set for sure.

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