A World of Good

Another way to help out others while helping your home look it’s sassiest…One Thread partners with female artisans worldwide to produce handcrafted pillows like the ones below. The sales of these items help these battered and impoverished women become self-sufficient and helps to create better lives for them and their families.

Each item even has a tag on it that tells you who made it and what they believe in….

Again, we all win!


  1. One Thread Fair Trade pieces are really beautiful and high in quality. The story behind each one of the women that made them and how their lives are being transformed is what makes them really special.

  2. i recently bought one of their pillows and it is amazing– lovely fabric, well made, modern design (bright vibrant sleek)– and on top of that, you get to support low income women in india. its a win-win!

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