Element Shops: Cost Plus World Market

I am SO hatin’ on you if you have a Cost Plus World Market in your state. They apparently have a thing against the North East region of the country because the closest one to me is in friggin’ Maryland. I breezed through one in LA the last time I was there and filled a cart with random goodies in a shopping frenzy and then realized before checking out that I only had a carry-on bag to get home. Nerds. Next time I’ll book a shipping container…
If you haven’t checked out their site yet, here is a selection of really affordable, worldly looking wares for your home- if you like suzani prints, be prepared to freak.

Can you believe this little suzani print side table? Adorable in a little girl’s room or as bedside tables paired with simple bedding and bold, solid color gourd lamps!

Gorgeous floor cushions for under $50 each….

Fantastic and cheap pillows

I have a friend opening a yoga studio this summer and I think these pillows are perfect for the foyer when paired with bright deep pink and orange solids!

A lovely carved mirror (delicious in a powder room) and bold baskets for a foyer table for keys and change.

Indian inspired curtains to adda little boho-chic to your rooms.

Bright, happy bedding

Why not make your office look less “office-y” and more natural by addding some of these accents?

Oh hello, ikat chargers and serving tray…. How I would like to plan an entire dinner party tablescape with you.

Great glassware (I’ve always had a thing for the bee glassware- since I was little. Maybe it’s time I got some)

Simple dinnerware and hammered steel simmering pots (that are almost too pretty to actually cook in…)

I am thinking that this combo of lanterns might need to be incorporated into my 30th birthday party this August!


  1. I thought Cost Plus World Market went bankrupt, or were put out of business…

    They've closed all of their World Market stores here in MN last winter… we use to have like three or four stores here in the Twin Cities alone, but not anymore. I didn't realize they were still kickin' in it other states. I had assumed they ALL shut down…

  2. I could spend hours browsing that place. I was there last week and they actually had boxes of four folding chairs with cane backs for $25. What a steal! Not to mention they were totally cute.

  3. I live in LA and stalk the store until things I want go on sale, and they always do there..for so cheap!! If u see something I need, let me know, I'll always pick it up for you!! :)

  4. their stuff is amazing……… I was in one of the stores once but all I bought was a set of sheets as I am all the way in Mexico :(

  5. Oh I was there the other day and got a great adirondack chair for my patio. I love that place. I literally had to stop myself from going overboard!

  6. I'm with you, its so annoying that they dont have a store in the Northeast! Although maybe its a good thing because I would spend so much money in there.

  7. World Market is a serious weakness. That white curtain is beautiful! Honestly my favorite part is all the imported sweets.

    I love your blog by the way!

  8. Thanks Erin for this post. I had no idea about this store I'm loving everything I see. There is one store an 1hr away from my house in Palm Beach. I will try and make it by next week. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks for reminding me about this place! I literally have one within walking distance of my office. I need to stop by. You know, I got a great pair of earrings there…of all things! This place is also GREAT for stocking stuffers come the holidays.

  10. Beautiful! I'm currently doing a serieson all things glass – I'll be doing glass dishes soon. Thanks for finding some that are stunning!

  11. Pretty linens and textiles..they kind of remind me of John Robshaw, Of course, more affordable..great resource. Thanks!

  12. Yes, they are wonderful! And no, they didn't go out of business Cafe' Girl. There is one twenty minutes from my house.

  13. the lanterns are fantastic. and um….not yet 30 yet?!! oh boy do i feel old!!! :)

  14. I know – I'm from California where they are everywhere, and moved to the north east where they don't have them. There are Pier One's though which is somewhat similar.

    Carrie @ bloomacious digs

  15. You found so many cute things – I may have to take a trip to our local store :) I just LOVE those white nesting side tables.

  16. Oh, that's such a bummer for the Northeast! It really is an amazing place. Chockful of inexpensive goodies that lend a little global edge to your home.

  17. Not only do they have great home decor, but they have a HUGE selection of wines and world beers too! And a cute little market section with foods from around the world. Although my style veers more Modern than World Culture, I still always find a gem here. They're all over the place in Southern California!

  18. Very cool! There was one in SF on bay street, I used to go into all the time. I really miss it! Such different, cool stuff! great post!

  19. Great blog! Having lived in LA and now in the south, I love being 40 miles away from one. Not dangerously close, but still reachable for those emergencies. On another note, I would love to get a Trader Joe's closer than two hours to where I live though, maybe one day…

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