Fashion Friday: The Beautiful People

Ever walk down the street and see someone looking so damn good you desire to know where they got their outfit? I may have found your new favorite website (besides this one, of course). Enter Beautiful Stranger.TV. It’s like The Sartorialist, but for REAL real people (i.e. people wearing H&M, Steve Madden AND Chanel) and it tells you everything they are wearing and about what they like, do, listen to, etc. Voyeuristic, yes, but totally addictive! Not to mention there’s expert tips, shopping guides and the like. And now you can enter you pic, or that of a friend, in their contest with Store Adore (another great site) to win some fab prizes!

Now go put on your best outfit and strut for the camera…


  1. I like that aside from telling you where each person is from, what they're wearing, what their favorite fragrance is, etc., they also include a little line about what their Green efforts are. :-)

  2. great post!
    i checked out beautiful….oh WOW. what fun! it's a cool site.

  3. It's so nice to see street wear, isn't it? I often wonder what it would be like on any given day if they caught me. Would I look as fabulous as the fab model-types that grace the Sartorialist's site? Would my husband and I look as cute as that couple in this post? Would we pose well? Would my bag be held "just so" and my shoes look right.

    Lovely link. I'm off to snoop and get modeling tips. LOL!

  4. I love the top center & right ladies, they got into the spirit of the occasion, the top left is sooo not caring.
    Love the site. New fun for insomnia moments!!!
    Have a sweetv treat weekend!!

  5. Thanks so much for loving Beautiful We enjoy being out on the street every day uncovering what real people are using, loving and wearing. If you would like a daily dose of style to your inbox, pleas signup for our FREE Beautiful Stranger of the Day Emails on the website at Please share with all of your beautiful friends!!

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