Fashion Friday: Pretty Young Thing-A Fashion Homage to MJ.

We were at a charity event last night when we heard of Michael Jackson’s passing. I was, and still am, in shock over the loss of such a huge global icon at such a young age. While his death is not totally surprising (something was obviously quite wrong with Michael), it’s still devastating to those of us who grew up to a soundtrack of his prolific hits. I was a HUGE MJ fan, in fact my mom tells me she would put the Thriller album on all the time when I was a baby and I learned to dance (well, bounce) to it. I remember shrieking with glee every time the “Thriller” video would come on MTV and trying to learn the moves. Or trying to moonwalk across the floor with no luck. Not matter how you feel about him and his very troubled, sad life, he was the world’s biggest pop star and changed music forever.
My love for MJ began at a young age, as referenced above, and continued throughout my life. One of the coolest Christmas gifts I ever got as a kid was a Michael Jackson Ken doll from my brother Sean, complete with the Thriller red leather jacket and sparkly glove (he and Barbie were hot and heavy for quite some time). The red leather jacket was such an iconic symbol of cool. In fact I just read an interview in the most recent Elle with actor Ryan Reynolds who talked about buying a copy of the jacket (in pleather, of course) in middle school and wearing it every single day he loved it so much. While I giggle at the thought of that, it speaks volumes to the extraordinary devotion of his fans and the influence he had over them.

(really pissed I did not keep this)

Most recently we’ve been seeing a resurgence of the “MJ” look in fashion- particularly from Balmain’s Spring 09 collection which was a direct reference to Michael’s famous jackets.

3.1 Phillip Lim’s Spring 09 collection also had an MJ feel to it- hardware, sippers, frog closure vests and sequins….

Back in 2007 Givenchy had a very MJ inspired look- so perfectly “Michael” that Michael himself even bought it! Talk about fashion coming full circle!

And speaking of Michael’s jackets- how about all the sequins? He certainly loved to shine and his look was the influence for today’s shimmery sequined jackets seen by Dolce & Gabbana, Gryson, Chanel and even J.Crew!

And how about the white pantsuit look with black accents from the Thriller album cover?

Celebs love this look for the red carpet- and Angie’s is especially “MJ” with her one big earring (an homage to the one glove, perhaps?)

Pop stars who’s careers are so strongly influenced by Michael also love the white pantsuit look for performing…

JT even copied the face scarf/hat ensemble so often sported by Michael (and, and his dance moves and sound too). :)

And that whole aviator trend that resurfaced? Yeah, MJ’s been wearing those non stop for YEARS…

Beyonce looked very “Moonwalker” in this photoshoot with the classic fedora and suit and tie…

So on this sad day, try to remember the great and wonderful things Michael Jackson contributed to this world. Yes, he was a very complicated, sick man in his adulthood, but he was a true pioneer and I fear, a very misunderstood man.
Listen to this tribute and try not to dance. Or even better, maybe do a little dance in his memory…and put on a little sequined something! :)

** Sorry, I had to remove the playlist b/c of some code errors! :(


  1. Amazing post Erin. You're exactly right- troubled soul or not, he shaped the future of music (and fashion!) forever. I think most of us will be remembering the MJ songs that made up the soundtracks for our own lives today.

  2. "(he and Barbie were hot and heavy for quite some time)."

    this made me laugh HARD. really a very good post. i doubt we'll see a better dancer in our lifetime.

  3. I loved your post, too, and remember where I was in my car when I first heard Billie Jean and thought it was the most powerful song I'd ever heard. I wish we still had your Michael Jackson doll!!!!

  4. Definitely have similar feelings on MJ….his music was absolutely pioneering and he set the stage for SO many pop artists to come. My favorite songs: Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and — of course — Thriller. I remember back in middle school we all learned the Thriller dance by heart. MJ was a huge part of my childhood (like any child of the '80s), to be sure.

  5. Great post! You really captured his contemporary influence on fashion and style. And let's not forget the glove!

  6. Wow! What a great post! I'll be back later to listen to the musical tribute while I'm working. I'm so glad it includes some Jackson 5 'cause that's where MY memories of Michael begin. Spending the night at my grandma's house, dancing around with the little AM radio I brought along.

  7. His jackets were amazing. I was around 18-20 years old when he got so popular, and his look (the one-glove, red and black outfits, the band jackets) were everywhere!

    I was not a fan of his style of music, but did like a few songs, and LOVED watching him dance (who didn't?)…and Thriller was such a piece of video art, I still enjoy seeing it.

    Thanks for posting this wonderful tribute to a real pop icon.

  8. Wow! What a great post, and you still got Fashion Friday in! I didn't realize his impact on the fashion scene as well. I always thought he was stylish and handsome, but more importantly it was all his own, glitter socks, penny loafers and flooded pants (only MJ could get away w/that one). I know we are all probably on MJ overload, but I have to separate the Artist from the Man, and no one can take away the fact that he was talented and original. I won't call him sick because I choose to appreciate his music but will agree that his life was sad and troubled.

  9. For me this is one of those times where I realize tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Not to get all religious or anything, but I don't think we are honoring GOD by not following our dreams and living our lifes to the fullest every day and telling our loves ones how much we love them. RIP Farrah and Michael. I personally will not make excuses any longer about not doing the things I desire most and spending quality time w/my loved ones.

  10. I read your blog religiously but never got around to commenting…until this post, because I just love it! Love love love it because it is just so appropriate, shows how MJ is gone but will never cease to influence pop culture.

  11. What a great post! You do a great job of finding images and putting them together. It was a really neat little retrospective on music fashion! Very interesting.

  12. This is an amazing post! Very thoughtful of you to pay tribute to him this way…
    The memories..the cloths, the classic Michael music. I had 45's of his music! Remember the the MTV premier of Thriller? He was the pioneer of music videos…His influence was just amazing when you really think about.
    He truly touched so many lives. That is an awesome way to remember someone!

  13. I love your post today!! I remember people sporting the cool jackets w/ zippers in 3rd grade! I just bought a Marc Jacobs military jacket on sale at Bloomie's.. was going to return it, but maybe I should keep it now ??? :)

  14. Such a great post – I sent it into twitter land.. Despite the very sad life he has had of recent, it really is important to celebrate his incredible accomplishments and influence!


  15. Terrific post! His music and his dancing were unique and wonderful. It never occurred to me that he influenced fashion also. He was so brilliantly gifted, yet so profoundly troubled. Let us remember the handsome young man of "thriller" and not the pathetic, forlorn creature he became. I pray that his sins will be forgiven and that his soul will rest in peace. And I hope his songs will be played for the rest of my life.


  16. What a legend…you made a fantastic tribute to him. He will definitely live on forever through his music & style.

  17. Such a wonderful post! I wrote a bit about Michael Jackson and the home where he was staying on my blog and mentioned your fabulous MJ post with a link to your blog too. Thank you for the beautiful tribute!

  18. Erin, What a beautiful tribute. Wow, this must have taken you quite a bit of time to put together. Beautiful images…

    My first album was the Jackson 5 Greatest Hits in 1971. I was 11 and we were all mesmerized by Michael. What a legacy he left, touching all age groups.

    Thanks for the beautiful post. I've done one as well with the music in the background. I just keep listening to the songs. R.I.P. Michael.

  19. Thanks Erin. I got teary when listening to the music. So glad that you are also one of the positive ones about his life. I received dome damning emails about him and was so mad!

    Love the fashion! Thanks for the kind tribute to my 80's icon :-)

  20. Wonderful post….I was unaware how MJ influenced fashions that we wear.
    Now I will look at my pantsuit with gold buttons and chains…and realize MJ was the inspiration!

  21. Well read thoughtful post. You hit it right on! I loved MJ's music & the way he danced to me was just 'wow'!

  22. I loved Michael Jackson and I dont think he was a "sick" man at all. I think the people that used, lied, and did all kinds of "sick" things for the love of money is sick. Its funny how people seem to bring up negative when talking about what a wondergul entertainer he was..Let God be the judge. His personal life was none of our business..he was never found guilty of anything. He actually holds the record for the most charity given by a pop artist! WOW! As I always say…a broken heart will kill anyone…he had enough of the heart break…RIP MJ!

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