Fashion Friday: Risky Business

I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty sure that if given a much larger budget for clothing, I’d be a really good dresser. I was thinking this last night while at a fab Poleci trunk show at my friend Betty’s shop Stil and dying over this $338 top that was pretty risque and fashion forward (for me) but such a statement. I buckled not only under the whole “saving $ for Paris” thing, but also because I told myself it wasn’t “versatile” enough for me to spend that kind of cash on right now. It got me thinking about how SAFE I have been playing it fashion wise over the years. I drool over pictures in fashion magazines of cool outfits and unexpected pairings and then when it comes down to purchasing I find myself in the checkout line at J.Crew with a blouse and some cardigans…again.
As with home decor, I have always found that the biggest risks hold the biggest payoffs. Those items that you LOVE but scare you a bit are always the ones you love the most in the long run. So I feel I need to start applying this to the way I dress and purchase clothes. Now, it is much easier to be risky when you have said “larger budget” because you can buy something and if it doesn’t work out you aren’t pissed off- but being risky doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. Take this little purchase of mine for example. I have been loving these zipper sandals by Jimmy Choo (I curse you Fergie, not only for having them but Josh Duhamel as well…)

They are a bit edgy, not crazy, but more intersting than most shoes in my closet. I was at Macy’s and spotted these BCBG Girls sandals with the same look but in grey snakskin. I zipped them on and loved them- but then I did my backpedal regarding versatility and questioned the purchase. We were running to catch a movie (“The Hangover”- go see it NOW. Tummy achingly funny) so I just bought them without thinking too much and am so happy I did! $99 versus the $1,550 the Choo’s go for!

With that in mind, here are some pictures from my favorite fashion blogs The Sartorialist and Garance Dore (they are dating now, how cute is THAT?) that inspire me to dress a bit free-er, slightly edgy and worry less about what other people think and more about what is fun and makes ME feel good (I need to apply that to everything in my life)….

In finishing, some random notes.
I am about to go get my hair done this morning and while I am trying to grow it back to it’s Rapunzel like length from before I cut it for Locks of Love, I am adoring this messy cut below….tempting!

P.S.- THIS is how a man’s suit should fit. Dear Lord….

and this is how I’d feel about finally getting a Chanel bag…

and this is just for smiles on a Friday!

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. wowzas-that man in the suit. be still my heart.

    i feel the same way, if i had more $ and more confidence, i'd be a much better dresser instead of always buying plain basics and sensible sweaters.

    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love Fashion Fridays, you hit it out of the park today. Thx for the eye candy (man in suit)..

  3. i so look forward to your blog every day! fashion fridays are a nice break from the world of decorating. who and where is the mystery man in the suit??? maybe he is free for the weekend? keep up the good work!

  4. wow those gray cigarette length pants and the cream rosette chiffon dress, wish you had the link on where to pick those up at!!! love them and the strappy shoes you picked up, great post!

  5. I also need time away from my shoppe and maybe a personal trainer. that would be perfect, I would then be able to be totally stylin.

  6. Great post Erin, love all the pics. And I too love the messy hair do, would look great on you I am sure. Have a great weekend.

  7. Honey, we need to introduce you to the world of TJMaxx, Marshalls and Filene's Basment! I personally do not have the eye to spot a fashion must-have in a mess of cast-offs, but I have friends who can find fabulous designer label prizes, or even designer look-alikes, for less than you would pay for a t-shirt at WalMart. If you are going to dress trendy (i.e., in style one year, out the next), why spend big $$$?

  8. I definitely know what you mean about playing it safe fashion-wise. I too often find myself buying yet another pair of black shoes because I can't justify the $$ on the turquoise pair (even though I like the turquoise pair more). In any case, you've inspired me to go for it — and I'm totally getting the DVF turquoise flats I saw at Nordstrom (on sale!) last week. :)

  9. i had the exact same epiphany the other day when i found myself in a plain brown sweater and jeans – bleck. time for a major wardrobe overhaul.

    love the shoes you got, too!

  10. This is why I thrift shop — when I'm short on time and long on money, I'll buy at the major retailers — but then I get bored with my look! What thrift shopping does for me is reduce the risk — $7 on a crazy shirt I may only wear once? Done! $3 for a boho velvet scarf I have no clue how to wear? OK! When the price tag goes down, my ability to take risks goes up. Additionally, thrift shops mean I'll be recycling from 40 years of fashion, so I'm much less likely to have the exact same thing as the girl next door.

  11. I couldn't agree with you more. It's been a while since I've made a risky but exciting purchase of something that made me swoon at first glance. My closet feels totally boring to me right now. And looking back, there's not a single risky item that I've bought that I regret, I still love everything.

    Love your shoes, too:)

  12. i LOVE your blog erin ! it is amazing ! i do the exact same thing when it comes to fashion. i always find myself buying black shoes or a black bag because "it goes with everything". it's good to know i'm not the only one who feels they are playing it too safely !

  13. Some great photographs – these make me want to go shopping REALLY bad. I especially love the cream-colored one-shoulder dress with the flower detail :)

  14. Oh, I LOVE those snakeskin shoes…some times those last min buys end up being my favorite. I must go see if those shoes are still avaiable somewhere!

    Have a great weekend!!

  15. The Satorialist is married with kids. I don't think it's all that great that he has "come out" with his girlfriend. Those poor children.

  16. I'm pretty sure I would lick my Chanel bag as well!!

    Happy weekend…have I mentioned I love your blog?!

  17. This week, my husband printed out the annual budget…and I was truly ashamed at how little I spent on clothes! Not proud…ashamed. Furniture and decor, on the other hand…I am certainly helping out the economy in this area!

  18. Love your Fashion Fridays! It is Saturday, and I have to to work soon…listing a home for sale..this inspires me to go hunt for the right outfit!!!

  19. I'd rather have a man in an ill fitting suit than one that looks fine but obviously plays for the other team!

  20. I got new shoes this weekend, and gave you all the credit, hope you dont mind I linked your blog and gave you credit for my bold fashion choice :)

  21. I believe I heard/read you are tall – you're lucky that your fashion "risks" are limited to your budget and temperament, not your physical stature.
    For me, the decision of whether or not to snag those glads I've been eyeing was much more an issue of "Will I look like an Oompa-Loompa in them?" ;)

    P.S. – Said What The Hell and bought them!

  22. Bit late catching up on your blogs after being away for a while. This article made me think of how much fun you are going to have "oogling" over the women in Paris mostly because of their incredible dress sense. I think I need a Paris trip too, to get my closet looking more risky but together again…

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