Natural Beauty

I posted about Alicia Bock when I first started this blog years ago, and have three of her prints hanging on my wall in my living room. A very dedicated, long time reader wrote me last night to thank me for introducing her to Alicia’s work because her prints make her so happy every day. How nice is that to hear? So I thought I’d post some newer works by Alicia- her colorfully saturated world is still a favorite of mine, and her prints aren’t tough on the wallet, either. *Smiles*


  1. These photographs are so beautiful! I’m glad you decided to post about Alicia again.

  2. Her photographs are wonderful- she is from MI, and I spy pictures from Lake MI, where my family’s summer cottage is. Thanks for sharing. I would love to print some of these for my mother for our cottage.

  3. I love her stuff too. I read about her on some blog last year and had ordered one of her prints. I love it!

  4. I love Alicia’s photos – I included one just yesterday! Thanks for this beautiful post – what a great way to start the day!

  5. I just went to Alicia’s site on Etsy…her work is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to this lovely artist. I have to order one of her prints..

  6. she has a very worn feel to her work, the almost vintage flair so many people love these days. Great find and share.

  7. I have several prints and LOVE her stuff. Be warned, these cannot be put directly under glass without a mat. I ruined three pictures! LOL

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