Roughin’ It

I saw this hotel mentioned in Boston Home and quickly went online to see what all the fuss was about. The Rough Luxe Hotel in London is a new concept from designer Rabih Hage, whose portfolio holds a bevy of sleek, modern spaces. It seems Mr. Hage has had a change of heart- as the Rough Luxe is niether of those things, typically. Originally a townhome, this non-descript building was undergoing major renovations when a stroke of genius hit. While peeling back the layers of old wallpaper and paint on the walls, Mr. Hage fell in love with the look of the textured, desconstructed appearance they gave and used that for the basis of the design concept. Not that everything in this hotel is rough, he plays against the textured, old walls and woodwork with sleeker furniture and fabrics and pops of modern art and of course, modernized the bathrooms. But I really love the mix of the two styles and the tension they create when used together in the same space. What do you think?

I am booking my Paris trip for September TODAY- so any last minute (afforable) hotel recommendations are welcome!!! :)


  1. I'm assuming that if you bring your dogs, you would need a nanny for them.

    I'll forward my contact information.

  2. wow this is s a really interesting concept. i surprisingly really enjoyed the interiors, neat find.

  3. We have stayed in several places in Paris– but I really like the Saphir Hotel. Definitely affordable, but outside of the city, so you would need transportation into town. But– definitely try eating at Le Saulnier, and get a crepe in Luxembourg Gardens…the gardens are beautiful, as is the palace! Perfect for a photo op :)

    PS I love your blog.

  4. I've never been to Paris, but I wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award"!

    You can go to to view the award and the details. Then, pass it along to 15 other lovely blogs as you keep it going! Congrats on your lovely blog!! Heidi

  5. Hotel Muguet in the 7th was an amazing hotel. My coworker had stayed there several times and her main selling point was when she told me how sick she got one night and spent the next few days on the bathroom floor and it was so impeccably clean she said she would have eaten off it.

    It's about a 5-10 min walk to the Eiffel tower and only 2 minutes to the metro.

  6. LOVE the peeling wallpaper/paint look! it's always appealed to me.

    i had lunch at randy's wine bar and bistro on st. thomas the other day, and could not stop looking at the floor–many layers of worn paint on concrete–a visual delight with the delicious food!

    excellent post.

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