1. Love them! Why didn't I think of that? A silhouette photo shoot for my boys is in order (and it will be so much easier than trying to get them all to look good at the same time!)Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great! I have a client that has a few and we were planning on doing a big collection of some new ones in her entryway. Thanks for this!

  3. They use to do these in my elementary school way back when. I always loved them. I wonder where they are now? I think I will have one made of my daughter.

  4. Remember once upon a time you posted something similar to these and the "artist" got all mad? Well, I hope he's kicking himself now for not appreciating the advertising. Just sayin'

  5. Definitely have a set of silhouettes, although I got mine cut at Disneyland for only $8 per person! It's a heck of a steal and it matches my Vintage Modern decor.

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