1. Oh I couldn’t agree with you more…it is just the most interesting scent. Sort of like a green mango or something.

  2. I wear this in the summer months, too – it has a great, fresh scent. Just last week I realized what it reminds me of: gin!

  3. Meg- that must be why I like it so much- it smells like gin and flowers! :) LOL.

  4. Not only is the scent light & refreshing but check out the animation introduction on the Hermes website for the fragrance: it mirrors the scent. Its a little French cartoon!!!!
    My little goddaughter loves to replay it over & over!!!

  5. I love this scent – I have never owned it but I spray myself with it every time I walk by the Hermes counter. Think I might just have to go get some. Nothing like a great summer scent!

    Another summer scent I love (for a more beachy, sexy, musky feel) is Sicily by D&G.

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