Surfin’ Turf

It has been raining here for what feels like months. This June has been so unbelievably grey and depressing it feels like New England has morphed into London, Seattle and Forks, WA rolled into one. I sit here and wait for the Cullen family to descend and set up residence in this gloomy, sun-free land of ours. I need a little visual uplift before I send myself careening into the Charles River. This month’s feature of The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY in Coastal Living is the kind of colorful, happy inspiration I need to focus on. Designer Robert McKinley opened this space as a homage to good ol‘ laid back surf culture. He, along with his partners and hippie chic designer Tracy Feith, created spaces that feel like surf camp meets Jonathan Adler’s The Parker Hotel. You can practically smell the Banana Boat sunscreen and salty sea air in these pictures, no?

There is an onsite Tracy Feith shop, full of his bright, hippie, happy clothes and the entire staff is outfitted in his designs.

This picture below is of his NYC location (equally as cheerful!)

The first lady has worn one of Tracy’s dresses (a slightly more subtle number). While I’d pick a long tie dyed number to sport after a day at the beach…

He recently even did a Go International line for Target (which sold out in a split second).
What I wouldn‘t give right now to be hanging in this hammock at the Surf Lodge in a Tracy Feith number sipping on something fruity.

Perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow.


  1. I recently discovered your blog- I live in Boston as well. This weather is awful, but your post w/ the sunny styles of Tracy Feith help! I bought a dress from his Target line, and I love it. Despite it being from Target, it feels unique and special.

  2. it must be a beach-filled week! I am seeing beach themed/feel everywhere today!


    Your blog is amazing, so I am giving you the "one fabulous blog" award! If you want to give awards to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link back to me, then link to them. Let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun and keep up the great job!

  3. Caught the thing on Surf Lodge and share your interest: It is refreshing that is somehow atypical and but still familiar in that surfy genre. Glad to see the shots again.

    Word verification: SCRAMM…. huh.

  4. hahah, careening into the Charles River- I feel the same way- thanks for the yummy eye candy as a pick me up, its much needed these days :)

  5. Amazing post…I love all the hanging nest chairs! Those Tracy dresses are so gorg…I want to pick one up this summer…the colors are so fun!

  6. I love that shop of Tracy's! So pretty and summery. I hate to say it, but here in Seattle we're having a fantastic June…we tied a record of most days without rain this month. Weird weather huh?

  7. lovely photos. sorry to hear your weather's not acting very summery. i'll send some caribbean sunshine your way! :)

  8. Love it! The Surf Lodge has been on my radar as one to visit for a while. The shoot from Tracy's NYC store is beautiful. I would love to be out there now…

  9. My kind of place! This crappy weather definitely makes me wish I were sitting at that bar, sippin on a lil somthin.

  10. Thanks for lifting our spirits! The Surf Lounge looks divine and I'm loving their take on boho beach chic.

  11. i have heard so many great things about this lovely place and cannot wait to go this summer…i am so sorry for all the rain… i live in seattle and i think our weather switched with yours this june… hope you have a great sunny day tomorrow.! pam

  12. gorgeous pics… but what I'm most excited about is realizing that yes — there is an upside to this terrible weather in NYC — Edward Cullen could move here and be my boyfriend

  13. I'm definitely ready for sunny summery weather already. These photos make me yearn for a vacay :)

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