Photographers have the most amazing way of turning simple spaces and groupings of objects into magical vignettes of life. James Merrell is one of those people. He’s shot for Anthropologie, Domino, J.Crew and Town & Country, among many others. I love the effortless feel these rooms and objects possess. (You may recognize a few shots from some of our favorite Domino spreads too…) Porfolios like these are such fantastic sources of inspiration!


  1. I love how he makes everything looks so easy and simple, in a refreshing kind of way. Beautiful photos!

  2. These pics are terrific! I love how the photographer made simple living look almost ethereal…lovely.

  3. Great photos-so inspiring- the blue wall with the gold trees is gorgeous!!! Do you think its wallpaper or a mural? I wonder if I could tackle it?…it would take months!

  4. Thanks for the eye candy! I definitely recognize some of those but hadn't heard of him before. Love your blog by the way:)

  5. So gorgeous! I want him to fly out to LA to photograph all my projects!!! (like I can afford that!)

  6. Thanks for the stunning inspiration! Sadly I'm not able to get Domino mag being located in Greece, but i'll be checking out your fabulous blog for beautiful images and more…

  7. The photograph of the bed with the hearts looks so inviting. Love how the greenery from outside is almost coming in…

  8. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on that gorgeous blue and white damask wallpaper? I am dying for some and have been searching for days on the internet but with no luck! I'll even be excited if someone knows where I can get wrapping paper that looks like….I'd happily put that on my walls too!

    I would forever be thankful!!

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