Dirty 30….

In a mere 3 weeks I will be turning 30. I am not scared of this at all, actually, I happen to think my 30’s will be far superior to my 20’s. In honor of this milestone, I’m having a little paaaarrrtttaaayyyy. Naturally. And being me, I of course had to dork out and do an inspiration board as I planned it. So for lack of a better post this morning, here is what my party will look like in my head. How it actually turns out, we’ll see. But how can you miss with lots of hot pink, orange, candles, twinkle lights, Blue Ribbon BBQ, good friends and sangria? I mean, really.

And then a few weeks later I get to celebrate again with Andrew – wandering the streets, cafes and shops of Paris!

(even though I still lust for this. Am hideously greedy little monster.) ;)
I know Paris will be better than my watch. Always time to get a watch, right? Pun intended.


  1. I turned thirty earlier this year, and it is fabulous. Your party looks like so much fun! I love the colors (and Blue Ribbon BBQ). I'm sure you will all have a wonderful time!

  2. Awe-some. I turned the big 3-0 last August, and threw myself a little party last year. Nothing too crazy – about 40 people. I loved picking out the invitations, choosing the food and music, decorating the beach house. I highly recommend throwing parties for one's self often! (though my billable hours at work plummeted the two months prior)

  3. I love all your colors! I can assure you as someone who is in her mid thirties now, it trumps the twenties anyday!!!!

  4. Not saying this happens to everyone, but I feel that I chilled out A LOT since turning thirty two years ago.

    I'm more laid back, more comfortable in my skin, I care a little less about what other people think or say about me…it's liberating. I thought I was pretty cool and laid back before, but it was something I had to try to be before.

    Enjoy leaving your 20s behind!

  5. I just turned 30 a few weeks ago – so far so good! Something sort of liberating about being out of your 20s (and something sad too). Can you tell us where you found all of these great things? Planning a wedding after-party and these are her colors. Thanks!

  6. Everyone always says that your 30's are much better than your 20's and I hope they are all right!!

    The colors for your party are beautiful, with pink and orange you can never go wrong!

  7. Your party will be amazing. Paris-without kids- will be amazing… I want to do Italy without kids, someday soon! Happy Thursday! Love your blog!!

  8. I ADORE hot pink and orange. I think it's a festive combination for a festive occasion. :) And Paris is a million times better than the most beautiful watch. But, be prepared to want to write a ton of blog posts!
    Thank goodness for digital cameras.

  9. What a fun inspiration board! I love it. I also love that blanket, where is it from?

  10. Gorgeous! I love pink/orange for a party. In fact, I'm trying to convince my sister to go that route for her wedding next May!

    The Iomoi invites are perfection, too.

  11. Turning 30 is really wonderful – congrats!!! Love all the decor you have picked for your party.

    When my husband turned 30, I threw him a surprise party and asked everyone to bring lottery tickets as their gift to him. It was an easy gift for guests to bring and lots of fun too. Just a thought that might bring another element of fun to the day, and who knows, you might just win some $ to take with you to Paris! Have fun!

  12. Get the watch! My hubby gave me the same one for Christmas & I love it! Happy Birthday! My 30's have been amazing and I'm only 4 years in.

  13. That's my watch, and I love it! It was my college graduation gift eight years ago (I am ALSO turning 30 this year), and I still wear it pretty much every day.

    Where are you staying in Paris? I'm so jealous!

  14. Great inspiration! Can't wait to se pictures from your party and your trip!

  15. Great pics…Let me just say that my 30th birthday was the best ever!! Enjoy the new milestone girl!It can only get better…Looks like your planning a terrific paaaaarrrttaayyy! Hope you give us a peak inside…;)

  16. Love your inspiration images!! I'm sure your party will be lovely and I am SO excited you get to visit Paris, and I have to say, a little envious. =) Have so much fun!!

  17. Happy early Birthday to a fellow Leo! The party images are fantastic and I can't wait for you to post pics afterwards so we can see how it turned out!

    I second everyone else who has said that your 30s are waaaay better than your 20s. It's nice to have the confidence that comes with experience and feel that you are really coming into your own–whatever that version of yourself is!

  18. I must say 30s are awesome. I will hold my good wishes until your actual birthday. Happy planning!

    (we dream of the same watch…)

  19. Oh the watch…rose gold…like the one we drooled over at the Wynn LV over super bowl sunday many eons ago…two words: SUGA DADDY, Kev Tubridy…it rhymes.

  20. also, whole foods brand 365 apparently has a sangria that taste just like the ones in spain.

  21. What a wonderful celebration you will have! I love the color combo and your picks from luna bazaar- they have the best things to use as accents!

  22. I'd come to your party, great photos and ideas. Happy 30th, the thirties are way better than the twenties. ;) Love your blog fellow Bostonian, thanks!

  23. your party looks beautiful- and I am SUPER jealous you will be heading to Paris! I was there last summer and miss it already, have fun and enjoy being 30!

  24. You are so on your way to a happy day. 30 is nothing but a number. Heck I'm hitting 43 on the wheel this year & frankly…it only gets better.
    I love your party ideas: very frolic & chinoiserie!!!!

  25. I remember my dirty thirty. Your party looks fab. I hope your day is just as beautiful as your idea board.
    Next year you can have a thiry one-durful party.

  26. I am already pulling images together for my 30th…next year. Way bigger dork here, ha! I am sure yours will be amazing.

  27. I am already pulling images together for my 30th…next year. Way bigger dork here, ha! I am sure yours will be amazing.

  28. however you celebrate- I hope you have an amazingly happy day! And Paris…the icing on the birthday cake.

  29. Igot those invitations for my rehearsal dinner with the Iomoi 20% off code they had a few weeks ago. They just arrived and are sooooo cute.

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