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For a while now I’ve been wanting to partner up with some of my favorite clothing and home shops around Boston for Elements of Style “Girls Night Out” events- cocktails, shopping and design and fashion advice from yours truly. I’d love to hear back if this is something you readers would actually like doing (after work, weekday nights?) Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!


  1. I would LOVE it…if I lived in Boston…so please post all the details for those of us that live far,far away!

  2. This is something that my friends and I would be interested in doing as long as the cost was reasonable! We are always looking for a reason to have a girls night out!

  3. if i didn't live on the other side of the country (in California), i would love to do it! i'll live vicariously through you instead

  4. It makes me wish I lived in Boston Erin!Just blog about it for those of us beyond Boston City Limits. (I heart Boston though)

  5. Fantastic idea! I am originally from MA (Dartmouth) however relocated to the Big Apple four years ago. However, I do visit MA quite frequently and would love to attend this event…so keep us posted! xo

  6. that sounds fantastic. i would love to attend something like that and have several friends who I know would love to join me.

  7. i adore this plan! free (or inexpensive) access to ideas on decor and designers in b-town, what could be better… count me in + a few friends :)

    do you need emails for the interested parties? thanks again!!

  8. Sounds awesome! I could ditch the kids for a night out like that! Or let me know if you want to do a suburban version – I could help host something for the mom-sect in Winchester, etc.!

  9. Absolutely, I'm in. I would come on a weeknight or weekend. One request, if you make it a weeknight, maybe start a little later (maybe 7?), so us gals that can't leave at 5 can come too!

  10. Love the idea! I would totally go! Good place to start might be Shake the Tree in the North End. I get emails from them all the time, they have designers come in, and they talk about styles, serve cocktails and snacks, and feature special sales, things like that!!

  11. Erin, CityShopGirl does a similar series of events in the Washington DC area if you're looking for tips/best practices. I've been to quite a few of their events, some work better than others. I think you'd be fantastic at it. If I lived in Boston I'd offer to be your event planner.

  12. sounds like a great idea! and erin if you need someone to photograph it i would be more than happy to do it for you – no charge of course.

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