Fashion Friday: This Week’s Best Finds!

My random shopping notes from this week:

I went to J.Crew this week in search of pants. J.Crew pants have NEVER fit me so I’m not sure why I went there, but I must have been guided by the hand of the shopping gods because I hit gold, people. The whole line of toothpick ankle pants literally left me jumping up and down in the dressing room and not even caring that it wasn’t financially responsible for me to buy three new pairs of pants at once. I ended up justifying it as an “investment” since they will be on my body all fall. And winter, mind you, since they are also perfect for wearing under tall boots without the dreaded pant cuff roll bulging through from regular pants. You’ll probably see me and be all ” Hey Erin, don’t you think it’s time to wear some other pants?” To which I’ll reply “Hells no, not on your life.”

My Fall Uniform: my new jeans/shrunken blazer/ graphic tee/ layered chain +pearl+gemstone necklace/platform pumps/ striped scarf/messenger bag.

J.Crew Ankle Jeans

The Minnie pant is oh-so-Audrey. Going right in my suitcase for Paris because they look sleek and sexy with heels but cute and sweet with flats. Made in a super stretchy but substantial fabric they feel like wearing leggings but with more polish.

The toothpick ankle cord. I want them in all colors. Like, yesterday.

J.Crew Ankle Jeans by elementsofstyleblog featuring J Crew

Ok, moving on. Sorry, I’m just way excited about these pants.

Old Navy’s v-neck pocket tees are soft as anything and fit like an absolute DREAM (better than Madewell’s and for 1/4 of the price since they are on sale for $7.50 each!) Buy in bulk, you’ll wear them non-stop. Pair them with a printed scarf (also from Old Navy), jeans and these adorable cutout flats you’ve got a cute weekend outfit for next to nothing!

Ann Taylor has stepped it UP this season under the lead of their new designer. No longer a frumpy, business suit mecca they have added some seriously stylish stuff tot heir repetoire.
A couple perfect black dresses- for night or day.

A fabulous short jacket and leopard shift.

Loving this blouse with ruffle front detail and this clean cut fitted blazer

The accessories look ridiculously great- the perfect pump and slouchy bootie

Platform pump and leopard flat

Both these bags are bananas!

Happy fall shopping everyone!!! :)


  1. The Toothpick jeans are one of my favorites! Great outfit you put together and all the pieces are classic. Will work great in Paris!

  2. Great post! I've always had the same problem with J.Crew pants but those are too cute not to try again. I too heart Old Navy lately- thank god for them allowing me to get something new every once and awhile!

  3. What funny timing! I just went to JCrew last night in search of pants! I bought two pairs of the cropped wool trouser and the ruffle front striped shirt. I am planning to wear the pants with a little blazer and top too! I guess that's going to be the chic girl's fall uniform! Have a great weekend!

  4. Ack I love all of these things!!!! You are getting me into serious trouble here. But you're right – they're investment pieces! 2 nights ago I spent a solid hour drooling over the latest catalog and I think you've just pushed me over the edge and I must go to the mall. Like, ASAP.

  5. Loving that black bag by Ann Taylor…and will definitely need to go check out those pants! -carlee

  6. Jcrew never fits me either…however the black "panti" pants that have the zipper up the back, and I want them so badly that I don't really care if they fit or not. Thanks for highlighting the new fall shoes and handbags, cannot wait to get out and shop!

  7. Love your style! I am digging the very same pieces this fall myself. I think I would choose almost everything you picked out myself. :)

  8. Just bought the J.Crew Minnie pants and I loooove them. They also have a riding pant that zips up the back that are oh-so cute. I love fall!

  9. Minnie Pants…. OBSESSED!! Will be a staple throughout the year for me, not just fall!!! I love the Ann Taylor picks as well! i need to go check that out!

  10. Wow! So many great finds. I swear, I would buy every last thing in J.Crew if I could. I might actually have to go into Ann Taylor now. Those pieces are super cute.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I never find jeans at JCrew and I LOVEd those matchstick jeans! I also LOVE (and bought) the Minnie pants! They are classic!

  12. Their matchstick cords this past spring were so great.

    Where did you get your shruken blazer? JCrew also? I'm dying to find a good one! And those toothpick pants are soooo cute. I think I need a pair ;)

  13. I adore the cords and thanks for the tip on old navy tees. I only bought jcrew tees then all of a sudden there fit has changed, now I do Gap, but I could by 4 for the price of two at old navy, yeah!

  14. Drooling over all of it, especially Ann Taylor's dresses! Lots of great fall wardrobe inspiration here! And I really love the Old Navy ideas…thanks!

  15. I love that top look…I need to get myself over to Old Navy for some tees…I also heard their cardigans are great!

  16. Thanks for putting so much work into this post and thanks for providing a fall uniform to be copied. Great stuff.

  17. I CANNOT wait for fall fashion! I am going to JCrew tomorrow and trying on those pants they are slammin.

  18. I HAVE to have the toothpick jeans – that is going to be my fall uniform – in Texas fall starts at the end of October though… :(

  19. Ah, I ordered one of those v-neck, pocket Old Navy T's a couple weeks ago. I haven't worn it yet, but when I tried it on, I was in heaven. Did you notice they run a tad baggy?

  20. the matchstick jeans fit me a bit better – i have 4 pairs and wear them all the time. and i've been picking up the tees at old navy, too! i found a couple of great styles that the cashier told me were 'tests' – they were soooo soft, so i hope i can find more!

  21. I always love your Friday fashion roundups! So funny though….when I scrolled down to the Ann Taylor pics I had to do a double take. The model in those shots is my best friend! I definitely agree with you though about Ann Taylor stepping it up. And J Crew never disappoints! Loving those minnie pants!

  22. I cannot see ME in pencil jeans…but I KNOW they will look adorable on you….seems to me you are TALL! The other items you mentioned will definitely pull everything together!
    Fun times….

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