Goin’ Hollywood

I gotta be honest guys, I got up this morning after a late night at Coldplay with nothing on deck to blog about. As I sat here wondering what I was going to post, I started going through my bookmarks and stopped by Room Service to see what was new. I need to be sure to keep them in the forefront of my furniture files because I tend to forget how great their custom Hollywood Regency style items are! Not to mention their client list reads like an issue of US Weekly….

One thing that really caught my eye were these lucite Chiavari chairs. You’ve seen the classic version of them at probably every wedding you’ve ever been too, but their slight proportions and faux bamboo styling make it a great chair for a vanity , small desk or cafe table- and in lucite it just ratchets up the coolness factor!

Typical Chiavari chairs:

And then I saw this desk and my knees buckled (while sitting down, now that’s hard to do). It was a very “hello lover” moment…

More fabulous items from RS. All which seem to have a real joy about them!

I love the contrast of a organic edge slab dining table when paired with modern chairs!

Some truly chic headboard styles:

A bevy of consoles and side tables in a variety of hip styles:

Is this not the happiest, girly sofa you’ve ever seen?? (Note the nail head trim- I adore how much they love nail heads here!)


  1. I really just can't get past that desk, beautiful. I have a giveaway on my blog that you may like, I think.

  2. I. love. that. blue. desk.
    I mean, (1) it's blue (I really do have an obsession with blue) and (2) it's perfectly glamorous.
    Please don't tell me where to buy it, it would only make me sad as I'm on a mini-spending hiatus right now.
    Sigh. Love this hollywood style.

  3. I can honestly say that I pretty much love ever item in this post. Thank you for introducing me to Room Service! Yet another treat you've shared with me!

  4. Oh wow. I love those lucite chairs. What a great alternative to a Louis ghost chair. And the desks and headboards are beautiful, too!

  5. Gosh. What fabulous finds!! I love pretty much everything you posted. Thanks so much for introducing me to this store!

  6. Beautiful, I have so many favorites! I just had someone ask me about Hollywood Regency furniture for their bedroom. My personal favorites are the blue headboard with nailheads and the girly pink sofa (though it wouldn't go over well with the hubby).

  7. I am a total sucker for anything lucite, and those chairs speak to me. Put one on the pink zebra rug I blogged about today and let's call it a day.

  8. I was absolutely in love with so many things at Room Service. 1.5 years ago I purchased that white mirrored dresser you have pictured. It looks amazing, but it is NOT high quality. The cost – well over $2,0000 for a dresser that is Ikea quality (made of MDF!!!). Wish I had known before.

  9. Loved the lacquered desks! Love the glamourous feel to the H.Regency style, so inspirational!

  10. Love the lucite chiavaris. I have a set of the mahogany with black and cream cushions but the lucite are ridiculous.

  11. The lucite chiavaris are fab u lous! I have a set of the mahogany. Wish I could trade them in for the lucite. Covet covet covet!

  12. Similar to what Starck did in his Louis Ghost chair….and I love it!

    Room Service carries such beautiful things!

  13. Love love LOVE those lucite chairs. FABulous!! Ok, I'm in a bit of a predicament that I was hoping you could help with….I'm trying to find a throw as a housewarming gift and was wondering if you had any fantastic suggestions? And something that won't cost me an arm, a leg, and a pair of beautiful shoes? : )

  14. Wow, they have such amazing pieces! I totally love the mirrored-drawer console & lucite Chiavari chairs :)

  15. You know I'm freaking over the lucite chairs, but I think I might ask that pink couch to marry me.

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