Party Down

While I still have a few more days until I am officially 30, Friday night we had a party that celebrated my next decade of life. The pink and orange theme made for a festive, warm look that I think came out really lovely. I went to the flower market and grabbed bunches of single variety flowers in the colors I chose and used various vases I had collected over the years wrapped in print wrapping paper from Paper Source and wide hot pink ribbon (a really easy and cheap way to dress up a basic vase!)

The lanterns I had purchased were supposed to be hung outside on the patio in the trees but alas, mother nature was temperamental that night and it rained (which lead me to almost start my own chorus of “it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…) But with some ribbon, a helpful pal and hubby and a little creative thinking- we found a way to use them!

More flowers, and FAB votives from Luna Bazaar in ikat and bamboo trellis!

In the kitchen I used paper flowers from Luna Bazaar over the bar table and of course, had to but fun paper goods in matching schemes (love, LOVE the zebra napkins)

Wait, what is that on her cake, you ask? Amazingly enough, it’s the zipper front Jimmy Choo shoe that I blogged about a month or two ago! And hilariously enough I had chosen to wear my BCBG knock offs of that exact shoe that night! Karen at Babycakes made the cake for me, and now I KNOW she’s a true blog fan! What attention to detail!!!! I loved it! (And yes, my nickname, thanks to Andrew, is Frog. Long story…)

(guess I should have made time for pedicure)

Other signs people read your blog- when your presents arrive wrapped in the party theme colors! :)

Andrew gave a WONDERFUL toast that both made me laugh and cry…

I think everyone had a great time (I know I did, I was still recovering even yesterday)

You know I had to bust out some 30’s bling with a age appropriate tiara (with the lovely Audra of Looc and longtime friend Elyse)

I wore a fantastically comfortable Rebecca Taylor dress that I love (did not take a pic of the ensemble, but this shows the most of it…) The dress even has pockets (which every girl can appreciate) and will look cute belted with a cardigan come fall!

I don’t think I ever showed you my new West Elm rug…adds a graphic element to the living room…and the patio where the party was SUPPOSED to be (damn you New England weather)

My boys were SO well behaved.

But at one point Oliver needed a time out and was caught by a guest hiding amongst some pillows…they think it was because I emasculated him with a pink ribbon collar. :)

Tonight I celebrate AGAIN with Andrew at the Coldplay concert (third time this year, I think I may have a problem) and then again on my REAL birthday later this week. Thanks to Andrew and everyone who has already made this a great birthday! What a lucky gal….

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  1. What do you think we are doing on your real birthday? Outside of finishing off the Champagne and ordering Pizza? :)

  2. Glad you had fun! Your house is so pretty!! Hope you didn't have to do too much work and got to enjoy your party!

  3. While I admit to being one of the freaks who brought a color-coordinated gift, I didn't realize until looking at these that my dress seems to have matched the decor as well… total coincidence, I swear!

    It was a perfect plan B to your patio party- everything looked gorgeous! On to the next celebration!

  4. Looks beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration and hope you have a lovely birthday week. Cheers!

  5. Looks like a great party, love the colors you chose! Im delighted to see that westelm rug upclose as I am about to purchase it and now I KNOW it looks great!!! Happy Birthday!

  6. The party looks gorgeous – I especially love the flowers! Ive always loved that look of small bunches of different flowers, and the color combination is so fun. Ill be at Coldplay tonight too, hope you enjoy it :)

  7. This looks like such a great party! I love the details- adore Paper Source! Happy early birthday!

  8. Happy Almost Birthday! The decorations at your party are fantastic — and such great colors (better to celebrate being 30 with vibrant and wild colors like those).

  9. Party looked like lots of fun! Love the use of the paper and ribbon from Paper Source – one of my favorite stores to browse at and get some creative ideas. One question for you on your dining room table….did you polyurethane the top for general use? Noticed lots of fun dishwear and glasses on the wood in the photos. Thanks.

  10. What a fun, gorgeous party, and where is the "flower market" in which you speak ???? Must go there! Is it only open to trade?

  11. Oh sweetie you are having a great birthday week! The party looked fab. Love all the decorations and the cake! Continue having lots of fun tonight!

  12. I loved your party decor, from the vibrant colors all the way to the zebra napkins! I hope you had a great birthday!

  13. I smiled the whole way through…You looked very happy and your party turned out lovely! Those peonies were perfect! LOL about the "frog" thing..I would love to know more about that;) Maybe one day???
    Beautiful post!

  14. LOVE the colors you went with and everything looked fabulous! I read your blog daily but decided I should comment. Have a wonderful birthday.

  15. Happy Birthday! Didn't look like the weather spoilded any of the festivities. You looked great!

    Oh, and that rug is awesome!

  16. What fun! I love your color scheme and am so excited to see pictures of how it turned out! Glad you had such a fun time. =)

  17. couple things 1.) I LOVE that you threw yourself a party… I am going to do that in 3 yrs for my 30th 2.) July Bdays are the best! 3.) I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! how long did it take you to get it looking so perfect? I feel like I have to do one little voitve or frame at a time!? 4.) Happy 30th bday and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Ciao Bella! – Katie

  18. Hi,
    Your party looked beautiful! Happy Birthdaty!
    I'm geting ready to paint my new house and I'm looking for a brown for my dining room (just like yours) Do you happen to know the color? I also love the color in the living room too. Any help would be great.

    I read your blog everyday and LOVE your style…..your colors, textures, etc are amazing. Thanks for sharing it with everyone :)


  19. Looks like a great shindig – Love the paper lanterns, especially.

    Have a wonderful birthday (when it arrives!)

  20. Looks like such an amazing party! Love all the flowers and just everything! Great style!! I just love you DR!!

  21. Happy early Birthday, Erin! Your party looks fab, but I expected no less! Nice choice of pink and orange to combat our continually dreary weather here in NE.

    These made me think of you and your blog today:

    Chevron gift tags! They are preppy and adorable and thought that you'd love knowing about them if you didn't already. :)

  22. Great job with the party decor, I adore the color scheme! You have a lovely home as well. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  23. I love it! My birthday is in a few days (the 6th – when is yours?) and I always feel funny about be the one to plan my birthday. You are sort of inspiring me for the future. My 30th is next year so maybe then…

  24. i just received a hot pink parasol from luna bazaar for a bride i'm shooting in new york on friday. am now addicted to everything luna. your party looked wonderful and you decorated your place so happily. happy birthday week!

  25. Erin, here's hoping you have a very Happy Birthday! I love the way you decorated for the party….the pink, orange and brown look amazing together.

  26. i'm soooo behind on blog reading! ahhhh… happy belated party day. assuming i haven't missed your official birthday yet, but maybe I did…? Party was smashing, as was your dress!!

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