1. okay, just found a new resource at market…go to http://www.NOIRfurniture.com…go to seating and scroll down to the bottom…The Dome chair…it only comes in 3 neutral fabrics and 3 wood finishes, but it really is amazing and it retails for $1500…it's obviously a knock off but it is a darn good one! I've already ordered several pcs from this line for clients!

  2. Donna- so funny you mentioned that b/c I TOTALLY scooped them from your blog and contacted them already!!!! :) Amazing stuff!!!

  3. WOW !!!!…I have the same white credenza/dresser. I also have the matching hutch. Both are being stored in my garage.

  4. Oh! These are fabulous, and the prices are fabulous too. I’d better stick to my one and only love “vintage”

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