Welcome Fabricadabra!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Fabricadabra to Eof S’s advertiser family! Donna and I go way back, before her pillows were gracing the pages of Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living. I have a pair of her grey polka dot ikat pillows on my bed and I love them to death. So here is your chance (just for being super special E of S readers) to get 10% off your order by using the code FAB02!

Donna has also partnered with furniture designer Emily Kroll to launch Ekla Home, a completely eco-friendly, non-toxic line of custom furniture!


  1. those pillows are gorgeous and so different! i am really loving those white tables. thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I mean…

    That pink pillow up top, and that yellow ikat pillow were MADE for me!

    BTW… did I say it already?… happy belated, mama!!

  3. Obsessing over all the ikat options. The only problem is deciding which ones to get!

  4. wow…love both the pillows and furniture line. I will have to check them out! Thanks for the infomation!

  5. Also love the Mod Green Pod & Rubie Green fabrics – but who makes the Ikat print? Psyched to see more mdoern and eco-friendly options on the market. Thanks for posting.

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