The Streets of Paris.

First off I want to thank Marni from StyleCarrot for posting while I was gone. Secondly Blogger went ahead and changed it’s post editor formatting while I was gone and I have NO IDEA how it works now and am very frustrated. So I apologize if this post looks hideous.
Secondly, I already miss Paris. I even said “Merci” to the lady at Starbucks this morning, followed by a crimson shade of embarrassment crossing my face and a little tug at my heart that I was no longer in the land of “Merci”. I cannot wait to go back.
The best thing we did was just wander the streets of almost every neighborhood by foot and become totally enamored by every detail. The street lights. The window boxes. The doors. The smells. The gorgeous people. The sound of the language. The architecture that makes America look so very young. The cafes. Everything about it made me gasp “Ohmygod, this is so gorgeous” at nearly every turn. I could have gotten lost for days on those streets and never been bored or worried. It’s just that beautiful. Despite the aches and pains after HOURS of walking in ballet flats (travel tip: suck it up and bring sneakers. BIG mistake that I did not!) I still wanted MORE MORE MORE. The amount there is too see just walking the streets is overwhelming to the point of a near meltdown. In fact I’ll admit this now, I performed the most incredible shipping choke of all time on this trip due to the overwhelming nature of Parisian shopping abundance. I bought next to nothing. I will explain on Friday. Until then, a few snaps from my walking adventures.

I nearly threw myself across the street when I saw these Goyard trunks stacked up outside the shop….
And then I saw the monogrammed dog dollars inside and melted into a puddle of “I die”.Everyone rides bikes. Darling men in business suits and ties ride bikes with baskets to work. It is beyond charming (99% of Parisians seem to smoke as well, which was jaw dropping for us!)

Every inch of this city so beautiful. Every. Damn. Inch.

The vintage signage and even the damn security gates are drop dead.
The streets off St. Germain proved to be some of my favorites- down this side street we found some of the most amazing cafes, flower shops and boutiques…

Hello powder blue Aga oven. I *heart* you.The signage at the cafes killed me- the chalkboards with gorgeous writing just made you want to read everything!

I could have taken about 200 photos of just doors but I resisted. And now wish I had not.

The breathtaking Champs Elysees!
Typical Parisian Sunday!
After a long day of walking ( most days we walked for 8 hours straight) a little white wine by the french doors in our room was such a relaxing, marvelous way to relax before dinner. A few nights a street orchestra played below us and it felt like I was in a movie!

I could certainly get used to this lifestyle!Much more to come!!!! For now, au revoir!!!


  1. I'm an avid reader of your blog, but first time poster!! I'm dying over the beauty of every little detail!!! I want to go to Paris nowwwww (never been)… Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. I went to Paris in May and have been dying to return ever since I got back. Life is so much more civilized. Thank you for the amazing photos! They bring back a flood of super memories!

  3. simply gorgeous! i just posted about my want to go to paris myself after hearing a segment on npr about it…seeing your pictures just confirmed it even more for me! thank you, looking forward to seeing many more photos of your trip!

  4. I was in Paris in Aug 07, and I understand how you died over every detail. It makes you a little sad to come back to the good old USA. Anyway, great pics, can't wait to see more!

  5. How funny that we were there nearly at the same time and are now posting a lot of similar photos -so fun to see it all from your perspective!
    Heather (habituallychic) and I had the same reaction to a lot of what we saw as well!
    Were you there for maison et objet?

  6. Great photos, Erin! I love Paris so, so much. I know exactly what you mean about sucking it up and wearing sneakers. We were just in London while you were in Paris and walked for 8 hours most days as well. By the end of the day my feet and legs were killing me, but the experience is always worth it.

  7. WOW! Your photos are amazing, sounds like you had a fabulous time. I SO want to go to Paris, like now.

  8. I was just there for Maison et Objet too… Paris is fantastic, do you know about The most Parisien of apartments to rent next time you go!

  9. Amazing photos – can't wait for more! I was in Rome for the summer and had the exact same issue with wanting to use up my entire camera battery photographing architectural details! As a Massachusetts native I always assumed that I was used to old architecture in Boston, but European cities take it all to the next level.

    Also, I too had an overwhelming shopping break down where I wound up buying next to nothing because I couldn't bear to choose (damn the dollar-euro exchange rate!).

    At any rate, so thrilled to see/read all about your trip & cannot wait for more pictures :-)

  10. I knew you'd fall in love with that city. You couldn't love beautiful things as much as you do and not love Paris! Are the flower shops and patisseries not to DIE for! They just look so beautiful, never mind the incredible things they sell!
    Where did you stay? St. Germain was my old hood when I lived there and seeing your photos made me swoon. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  11. I am so glad you loved it! I moved to Paris for three months right around the time you visited, but six years ago. It was amazing how drop-dead gorgeous and inspiring everything was. I definitely a piece of my heart in Paris, and it sounds like you did too!

  12. love it.. paris is so beautiful!! seriously your hotel looks so familiar. I think I stayed there 5 years ago!!

  13. Oh my. I was there last month and decided that I could live there. Your photos are great. You look as though you were having a fabulous time. And why not.
    We walked 8 hours a day also.

  14. Pure sugar. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to go. Can I ask a couple of questions? Can you speak french and is it necessary? How did you determine where to stay?


  15. Seeing Paris on foot (ballet flats and all) is the only way to do it. I miss it so.

    A bientot (bye for now)… can't wait to see more of your Paris posts.

  16. Can we please become BFF's? I'll finance our next trip to Paris—1st class. I've never been. went on honeymoon to NIce but didn't get the chance to see PAris—ooh la la—looks so wonderfully divine. I need a house, fashion, everything makeover. What's your hourly rate?

  17. OHHH
    Please blog for weeks about Paris..I love it there and miss it so much!WE stayed in St.Germain. I am dying to see every picture!
    Your Pied a Terre..looked lovely! Great views!Thank you for sharing your pics…I will be checking back time and time again!
    Please say you had a road side crepe…I crave them even now!

  18. your photos are terrific! i love that aga —- the color is insane. i would go back to paris with you and shoot doors!!!

  19. Yout took wonderful photos from Parisian days!!
    I love all of them8
    I am looking forward what is to more to come!!


  20. I went to Paris this summer and fell in love, too! I think we stayed at the same place – judging from your photos – Hotel du Louvre? I was there during the government mandated sale period – WOW – the shopping was TDF. Check out my Paris, London, and France posts! Nancy

  21. Erin your pictures and words of your trip have found me completely inspired, not to mention, now dying to go to Paris. Can't wait to hear more!

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