Lifestyle Lust: Pasanella & Sons Vitners.

Last week I was perusing some of my bookmarked blogs and came upon this entry over at Orange Beautiful. She had gone to NYC and toured the wine boutique Pasanella and Son and I instantly fell in love. Not only because I love me some vino, but the design of the shop is beyond charming, right down to the cork business cards! Come to find out, it’s run by a couple, one half of which is the senior home editor at Martha Stewart Living. I am beyond enchanted by their life- living in an apartment above their shop in NYC (loving that kitchen with the ladder and open shelving). So I’ve created a new category inspired byt them called Lifestyle Lust. I always see stories liek this that make me admire someone’s whole lifestyle, not just their space of their clothes.

Perhaps you recall this amazing wine tasting dinner spread from Blueprint magazine? I remember lusting after this space AND the table setting!

A vintage car, right in the center of the shop- also loving the craft paper rolls on the wall for signage!

A display and a gorgeous wing chair shot by Orange Beautiful.

The genius cards…

Let’s not forget that they sell great wine! From a selections called “As Good As They Look“, which provides choices based on the bottles AND the taste (I buy lots of wine based on if the label and bottle is pretty) to great gift packages perfect for housewarmings and celebrations.
I personally love the “Hot Date” which includes a bottle of sparkling wine, two etched glasses, a candle and a poem!

These gift baskets elimate the scary shrink wrapped cheese and sausages you find in most gift baskets and instead uses a theme to create a memorable (and classy) gift- like the Ski Weekend, which includes a bottle of Armagnac, two pairs of cashmere socks and lip balm.

For a really luxurious wedding gift you can send the couple a wine and wookbook of the month subscription or they will box up five bottles of sparkling wine, one for each of the first five years of marriage, labeled with the couples names and date on which they should open it! J’adore!!!

Images via Blueprint, Food & Wine and Orange Beautiful.


  1. That green wing chair with the yellow feet is featured in the month's Martha Stewart. I went back to see it. page 52. Love the shop. Wish we were still in NYC to pop in!

  2. I remember reading about this couple and thinking that their store was a brilliant idea. This certainly is a perfect introduction to lifestyle lust! Love the car…

  3. Hi Erin,

    I love your blog, pictures, work, etc.

    This post is especially timely as I am attempting to design a small wine bar in a nook in my condo.

    Thought you might have some favorite photos of wine bars you have designed or seen in your research???

    Thanks so much!!

  4. It's easy to see why she gets to be the editor for Martha Stewart. The designs look classic, yet elegant. It truly is a lifestyle lust.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Erin. My husband is a wine enthusiast and I'm always looking for unusual wine-themed gifts for him. That shop looks incredible!

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