Nothing To Wear.

I am going to a fashion show tomorrow night for Boston Fashion Week and guess what? I have NOTHING. TO. WEAR. It’s really frustrating because I know exactly what I want to wear but don’t have the $$$ for it nor the time to shop!  So I am torturing myself by sitting here creating the outfits I would wear if I had the time to put them together (or was Gwyneth Paltrow). Suffer with me, people….

A cobalt blue belted mini dress with tights and booties….

Or a more casual look with decontructed denim, a sequin tank and sharp black accessories:


  1. are you going to sam mendoza? i just got tickets today and i am having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. i went on a whirlwind tj's trip and found nothing and almost punched someone over a leopard-print scarf. let's just breathe, and let gwyneth be our guide!

  2. oh the cobalt blue and black – it would be a perfect outfil.. I am suffering with you – trust me – suffering!

  3. love both outfits…..they're rockin'! i'd love for you to do a post on your favorite must haves for fall…i'm updating wardrobe and could use some suggestions.

  4. Honey, you need to channel the styling gals from Paris. You have everything you need to look fabulous. Let us know what you wore.

  5. If only I had the money and an assistant to send out to get this stuff, I would be a very well dressed woman! :) Alas, I fear I may have to resort to the ol LBD. Boring.

  6. Love both these looks!

    I have been having the same – I have nothing to wear- feeling often lately, especially with the change in seasons on its way. What kind of jeans do you recommend for this fall with sneakers and flats (very casual). I'm having trouble finding some great everyday kind of jeans.

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