Pop Culture Digression: SJP, OMG!!!

Carrie Bradshaw, is that you??? Seeing this shot from the production of the second Sex and the City movie just got me really nervous that they may have gone too far by making another one. SJP is just…looking to old to be dressing like this! Don’t get me wrong, I love her and worship (no seriously, worship) the series and the first movie but this just looks painfully desperate!

But I’ll still go see it. Opening night.

**UPDATE: Ok, appears this is a flashback scene. Phew. My love can rage on for Carrie & Co.

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  1. I concur! I was leery of the movie (although I have since seen it 200 times)…sometimes it is best to quit while you are ahead.

  2. Maybe it's a flashback from when she just came to NYC………..

    Meanwhile, Candace Bushnell is speaking in her hometown of Glastonbury, CT (next town over from me). I thought about buying a ticket, but I'm in the midst of home improvements (better way to spend my disposable income)!

  3. Get your puka shell necklaces now before the movie comes out (I think that's why they intentionally showed the gold barrel clasp…)

  4. Oh, I definitely think it's a flashback to when she first arrived in NYC. I adore SATC, although I thought the first movie went a little overboard with the cheesiness. I hope they stay true to the show for the second film.

  5. ahh, that's funny! ok, as a flashback scene, it's OK. whew! for a moment though, that was scary, lol!

    (agreed, she would definitely be too "old" to wear that look. she & i are the same age…don't think i'd wear it myself!)

  6. Funy, last night I was flipping channels before going to sleep and I saw a rerun of a very old Sex in the City…Charlotte was ovulating at her in-law's house, Steve had testicular cancer and Carrie had to go to Suffurn with Aiden… they all looked dewy and fresh with the exception of SJP whose character was wearing too much eye shadow and looked like she had a bad hairdo, but I had to remind myself that was how a gal from the '80's looked when she was sexy and cute. We all wanted to be SJP.

    By the way, I really want them to do just one more movie. I need a life, don't I? ha.

  7. You had me worried for a moment also. I really do hope the second one meets all of our expectations! Thanks for the post!

  8. I'm sorry, but she looks sooo old here. She looks like her makeup artist & hair stylist were channeling Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction.

  9. OMG – Looking at this picture. I think everything that made me love Sex and the City is gone. Do you really think it is a flashback or are the 80s back!?

  10. Just did a post with other pics from the shooting of satc 2, and she's looking amazing! The old Carrie from the show is definitely back!

  11. Erin, I LOVED the apartment Big and Carrie buy in the first movie. How would you style that? I think I would mix Hollywood Regency antiques with modern pieces, but I would love to know your take. Can't WAIT for the next movie!

  12. I was also worried when I saw this posting. I LOVE Sex & The City everything – every episode and the movie! I cannot wait to see movie #2.

  13. the irony is that she looks older. like, she really wouldn't look like that in the 80's. AND, the 80's is so prevalent in fashion right now that it looks like this could totally be her today, hailing a cab at the airport.

  14. Oh, wonderful, I love Sex & the City flashbacks! (there have been too few – remember the party scene in the episode about that out-of-control pregnant friend?) I saw the hair and instantly thought '80s – I think they styled it perfectly. Can't wait for the movie!

  15. I'm hesitating to post this-

    I loved SATC as much as anyone and think SJP is terrific as Carrie but really thought (and commented at the time) that it seemed a little sad to me–everyone just looked too old in the movie to be dressing that way.

    Maybe I am just too old now?

    I'm sure I will watch anyway.


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