1. Hey Erin,

    I don't think this is a Google problem…did you purchase your domain name a few years ago?

    Unfortunately, there isn't much Google can do because Google doesn't have that type of control over domain names.

    It sounds like somebody purchased the domain and then put it up for auction. There isn't a way for Google to take control of a domain that somebody else purchased (I checked).

    Apparently this is a common problem. There are companies out there that monitor domain names about to expire. When the registration lapses, they register them immediately and then try to sell it back to the original owners.
    When you register a domain name, there's usually an option to automatically renew each year (if/once you get set-up again).

    So sorry…

  2. The people who purchase lapsed domains are an upstanding group of citizens, aren't they. Kind of like ambulance chasers?

    Good luck.

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