Country Livin’ in the Fall

So glad you guys all freaked about my boot purchase yesterday. I wore those babies all afternoon and unlike most new shoes, they did not hurt one bit. In fact, they felt like I had owned them for years! I am so beyond thrilled with my budget purchase!
As I was talking about them to my girlfriend last night I said “These boots make me want to be all country- and like, build outdoor fires, tend to farm animals and cook pumpkin based things!” Isn’t it funny how an item of clothing can inspire you to crave another life? Or a departure from your own just for a bit? As if perfectly aligned, I then clicked onto the Urban Grace blog and saw this posting about a farmhouse in the Catskills from the NY Times that would go PERFECTLY with my new boots. Because that’s the normal progression… to buy a house that goes with your Target boots.

Another part of my Target Boot Life- owning a country antique shop like the homeowner…

For an amazingly yummy dinner, make (while wearing the Target boots)  Giada’s butternut squash lasagna (I substituted fresh sage for basil and it made it that much better).  I made it once for Thanksgiving and it was INCREDIBLE.


  1. I bought a pair of black zip up boots from Target about three years ago and they are still going strong! Every time it rains, I pull those babies out and safe the good boots; but, still look stylish. And always get a compliment here and there!
    Love the little farm house…I could move right in! Gets me in the spirit of fall…:)

  2. please, everytime i wear my hunter wellies i start searching for farm real estate. it's TOTALLY a natural progression. i made that lasagna once too….SO yummy!! i'll have to try it with sage…

  3. Hi Erin,
    Well it would be a fabulous idea to looking for a house that match your boots!!!!
    I enjoyed your story and that house!


  4. I love the lasagna! When you first posted it my husband made it and it has become a favorite. We were just talking about it last night!

  5. I need to get out my kickin pair of boots to go with the Country house I neeeeeeeed to buy. Isn't that house divine? I want one too.

    Marybeth from Dallas

  6. i love this house! wish i could make mine look like that…..about the boots – I have a black pair of Frye's in that style and they killed my feet. I got a different style (with a rounder toe box) and they're soooooo comfy.

  7. that butternut lasagna looks DIVINE. your blog made me go to two targets in half a day and now i'll be running out to get the ingredients for this lasagna!!! lol!

  8. erin maybe the frye boots ARE the thing right now. i have been sweating over a new pair of hunter boots for fall but after seeing jessica's new leatherette black riding boots from target i am thinking this might be just the thing!
    by the way..butternut squash also makes the best yummy fall soup. does giada have a recipe?

  9. that house is a dream! i love the giant map on the bright blueish wall. i'd like to think that if i had a house like that, i'd make my own jellies and make homemade pumpkin things but in reality, if i had a house like that, i'd probably buy all that stuff and pretend i made it.

  10. if its possible, i think im loving your blog even more. bc i know ill be inspired, as well as swear you steal my thoughts at times. i promise not to hold it against you.

    ps. targetisthebestandihavethoseboots

  11. You are too funny. I adore these photos & yes, your new boots would look faaabulous in those settings. Now I want to go make that Butternut Squash Lasange & it's only 9:30 a.m.! Yummm..

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