Fashion Friday: Ask and You Shall Receive

After the “Target Fake Frye Boot Purchase” craze that my post ignited, many of you asked just how to wear these little rough and tumble numbers.  So here are four outfits I put together (using a pic of the real Fryes since Target is not on Polyvore) to help you dress up your new purchases! Hope it helps!
Rachel Zoe Style:
Fake Frye Outfit 4
Casual with Leggings:
Fake Frye Outfit 1
Cozy With Jeans and a Cardi:
Fake Frye Outfit 2
Dressed Up (a smidge):
Fake Frye Outfit 3


  1. Love love love it all!

    If only I lived near a Target, or at least in a country that Target shipped to!!

  2. Went to Target on Wednesday and picked me up some boots! So excited! Thanks for sharing your great find!

  3. Erin – excellent..excellent fashion combos. Love them all. I actually have two pairs of those fry boots (purchased 3 yrs ago), one in a gold/tan & black. I purchased both pairs brand-new & for a steal on ebay. They are so comfortable & look so bad-ass. Great for my trips on my Triumph. Have a terrific weekend ahead Xx

  4. Your original Frye boot post got me coveting . . . and the Target knock-off post got me purchasing! LOL. Wanna see the "Date Night" outfit I made on polyvore and subsequently bought? My hubs and I have a concert (Ingrid Michaelson) getaway next weekend, and I want to look good for it! Thanks for the inspo! (Enabler!!!!)

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 1st and 3rd looks. Oh, how I wish to be shopping right now. I need to find a pair of skinny jeans for tonight on the cheap. My lunch time mission has been decided. Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. ohhh my favorite is cozy with jeans and a cardi, although I do love dressing up tough shoes as well. As a newbie to crisp fall weather dressing (Just moved to Chicago with my fiancee) I am learning that skinny jeans tucked into boots is really the way to go. So much so that when I showed up for work at the Merchandise Mart yesterday, I felt like I had gotten some secret memo on the dresscode since EVERY other designer was dressed in about the same outfit…we all looked adorable obv…love the blog!

  7. Your new title is 'helping the recession bounce back one woman at a time'. Love all the ideas and want to run out and buy everything.

  8. quite inspiring! I've never owned casual boots, and I think it is time that I take a look at these (I just so happen to be going to Target at lunch time!)

  9. These are all excellent! Thank you so much for taking the time (especially since I was one of those who asked for this post!) to create these outfits. They're each so fun! Looks like I have more shopping to do ;)

  10. These are fantastic!! Thank you for all of the great ideas, love them all, especially love that cardi! And don't you just love J Crew jewelry? Great pieces, not too expensive!!

  11. I have been giving you credit for the Frye/Target harness boot connection for over a month – lol! :) I wonder where I actually read about them?!? All I know is that a post somewhere spurred trips to 4 different Targets and the website before I found my size but they are my new favorite wardrobe item by far, supremely comfortable and now, thanks to you for real!, I know what to wear with them besides jeans. Thanks for your great postings and keep 'em comin'!

  12. Fabulous in every way but you're breaking my heart! By the time you posted your fabulous find of the Target boots they were already sold out! I'm crushed! I crave those boots and now the outfits you have assembled! Wonderful finds and ideas for sure.

  13. Great post! I ran out and bought the Target boots right after your post and was wondering what to wear with them. It's like you read my mind!

  14. I just LOVE your blog! I discovered it on Friday and spent most of the weekend perusing. Thanks! I went to B.C. and miss Boston a lot. Although now I live in Maryland and have a Cost Plus nearby… It is great.

  15. Hi Erin,

    I'm a new reader and just love your writing. Regarding these boots, at what age, in your opinion, would these boots be inappropriate? Please advise!


  16. I went to three different Targets looking for these last week, and they were all in random sizes (no size 7!!!!!). I stopped into a rather yucky, dirty Target in a sketchy area of town today for something else (I was in the area) and FOUND THEM. Yippeeee for me! And thanks a million. I was like you and about to drop some $$$$ on the real deal.

    I picture these boots working really well with black knitted tights and leggings, too.

  17. UMMM ADORABLE!! I'm gonna keep checking Target- thanks for the update on when they might get them back in! and btw I love love love your Fashion Friday posts- they're my favorite!

  18. OMG! So thanks to your post I was able to rush to my local Target at lunch last Thursday and find the last of two pairs left in the store – one of which fit me!!! I am so excited. I am trying to put together an outfit to wear this weekend and this helps so much! Though I am a little worried about the amount of back I am packing to be able to do the skinny jeans! Any ideas for a curvier girl???

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