For Fingers and Foyers

My pal and fashion styling partner in crime Marie suggested I do a post on nail polish colors that are hot right now- and I thought why not pair them with hip room colors since the trends seem to go along with each other?

Deep purpley reds are still a go to for me in colder months, especially on toes (of note- Jackie O always did deep red on her toes and light bare pink on fingers): OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Essie Wicked and Sally Hansen Glossy are my three favorites for that “nearly black” look without looking Goth.

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For moody walls that match this deep, dark trend think true black or black with a hint of warm color:Benjamin Moore Vintage Wine, Onyx or Deep Caviar

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Continuing in the deep color trend are dark blues- which are hard to pull off on your nails but easy to add to a home. On your fingers try OPI Light My Sapphire or Eddie Midnight Cami, on walls try Benjamin Moore Blue Note or In the Midnight Hour (darker on real chips than online!) Gorgeous when paired with burnt orange!

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Grey-taupes are big too- they seem to be the easiest to wear trendy color of 09. But if done wrong can make you look dead (but is a color that can make your walls come alive).  Marie swears by OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques (also mentioned in Lonny) and I tried it for my photoshoot last week and loved it- but you can try these others that are a bit lighter with a smidge of warmth like OPI Over the Taupe, Essie Mink Muffs and Chinchilly.

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For walls you can’t go wrong with Farrow and Ball’s Mouse’s Back, Martha Stewart for Valspar’s Chantarelle and Benjamin Moore’s Grege Avenue.

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Dark browns have always been a classic on walls, but now they can be on nails too. Try Essie’s Lady Godiva (would look especially fetching on a pedi) and Benjamin Moore’s Brown Horse (in my dining room) or Van Buren Brown.

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As for those neutrals we all come back to here are some of my all time classics:

Nails: Essie Mademoiselle, Fed Up, Ballet Slippers and Sheer Bliss.

Picture 6 Picture 5 Picture 33 Picture 32

Walls: Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan, Bleeker Beige, Putnam Ivory, Wheeling Neutral.

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What are YOUR favorite colors for mani/pedis and walls? Do share!

I think perhaps the OPI for Sephora shade “Brunette On the Internet” is my signature color by name alone!

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  1. Like this post, but was surprised you didn’t include anything about opi’s new suede line of polish. They’re gorgeous colors (my personal favorite is “you don’t know jacques! suede”) with a matte finish that has a suede-like texture. The best part about this line is that the polish dries in minutes & no topcoat is required. check it out.

  2. Oh so many faves! I am a creature of habit so I had to laugh out loud when I went in for my weekly and my manicurist Esther said cheerfully “Limo-Scene, Limo-Scene, always same, never change”. I go through phases with my nail polish colours, always a pale fingernail shade and something darker and more daring on the toes. Vanity Fairest was another old standby for many years. On the toes, I went through my Lincoln Park phase as most gals did a few years ago but lately I’m loving OPI’s Black Onyx and Russian Navy. In an effort to prove Esther wrong I also switched up the Limo for Russian Roulette the other day, my nails are always kept short so the shocking red wasn’t overwhelming.

  3. LOVE the Ballet Slippers color, I get that 3 out of 4 weeks I get my nails done! Such an easy color and it wears off pretty well so you can get a few extra days out of the manicure before it’s noticeably chipped.

    In fact, I’m going to get that color for my nails this afternoon.

  4. I love this post! OPI Suzy Skis the Pyrenees has been my new standby – a grey/blue that fits my rainy fall mood. I think it would be a great ceiling color myself…

  5. I am obsessed with nail polish right now, so thanks for the post. Now that it’s fall and no one ever sees my toe nails (except in yoga class), I haven been having more fun with color on my fingernails.

  6. I LOVE Siberian Nights, You Don’t Know Jacques, Russian Navy (Matte), and My Private Jet, all by OPI! I always keep my toes dark in winter, and those shades are amazing! Love the tie in with wall colors!

  7. wat a fun post!! i was in cvs last night and noticed they are selling borghese nail polish. there was a perfect dark shade and for the life of me i can’t remember the name. darn. you don’t know jacques is my fav. although right now i am going to admit that i am sporting a sally hanson sparkly green polish called ivy league to appease my 3 year old in honor of halloween. a witch has to do what a witch has to do.

  8. So funny….Literally just painted my nails with Sally Hanson Lacquer shine in “Lustrous”… Its black..Waiting for them to dry as I post.
    Also have OPI vintage wine….lol!

  9. What a fun post to read! I love your color choices, especially Lady Godiva! It is the PERFECT pedicure color for fall and winter…looks great as a mani too. I wear it all the time!

  10. Fabulous post!!! I am so inspired now, for both a manicure and an updated wall color and decor palette! Beautiful choices!!!

  11. Thank you for these gorgeous nail colors and room colors. When it comes to painting or nail colors, there are too many choices. It is nice to see what is the trend right now. I think, I will try one out.

    Great colors! Thanks~jamilyn

  12. Love this post – but these specific shades are always my challenge! Those with more fair skin tones ( I am blonde, blue eyed) have a little bit of a harder time. For years I loved Vintage Burgundy from the drug store – I wanna say it was L’oreal or Revlon, maybe Maybelline??? I can’t find it any more and I have since gotten rid of mine. I think the trick is to stay away from the darker colors that have blue or purpley undertones, they need to be more brown or red. I have never been able to find a really good replacement, so I have just been using essie’s wicked or Revlon’s Vixen – I am open to suggestions!!
    Same goes for the pale mani’s- very hard to find that exact one that isn’t too beigy or too pink for hands – the perfect natural color is hard for fair skin. The best I have found so far is essie’s It’s delicate or Maybellines Blushing Bride.
    Such a creative post, love the comparisons to the wall colors!

  13. Try OPI Midnight in Moscow (aark with metallic red flecks in the right light) and Essie’s Allure (neutral)… LOVE THEM BOTH!

  14. brilliant erin..i love ballet slipper myself for fingers..but this past summer it was all about the reddy oranges for the feet..essie has a color called shrimp cocktail or something like that is a very hot color.

  15. I just painted my bedroom walls Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore and it’s so soothing and calming. It is more of a greenish-grey, so it’s warmer than a blue-grey. I highly recommend it!

    I also painted my dining room Putnam Ivory with Robins Egg Blue ceiling – also awesome and unexpected.

  16. I like to wear Chanel nail polish, because let’s face it, it’s the only Chanel I’ll ever be able to afford. They have some really great colors. I like Rouge Noir for a deep burgandy fall color, and Ballerina is a really pretty like pink neutral color that works with anything.

  17. I LOVE Essie nailpolish!!! I just bought three fantastic shades one is sort of a taupe/grey and another a lighter version of that that goes SO well with their new aubergine color (I mix my polish on diff nails… today I have the taupe/grey with two nails that are brass…)

    :) Keep it rockin’

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