Favorite FindsOctober 21, 2009

Faux Fur Love

I am in search of the perfect faux fur vest for fall/winter a la Rachel Zoe.  She even has her own design for QVC that I might investigate seeing as it must be fabulous if she put her name on it I am pissed I missed out on b/c it’s now SOLD OUT. Grrrr.

However, while at my photo shoot yesterday at the Webster showroom at the BDC, there was this MAGNIFICENT faux fur throw that sent me into a bit of a giddy spell. It was perfection, and way out of my budget, but I insisted we find a place for it in a shot or two- despite the photographers obvious dislike of it. Hello, it’s me– pile on the faux fur and zebra!

Anyways, now I am obsessed with finding a gorgeous faux fur throw for my new “neutral” space I hope to create (remember, I’m on a neutral kick).  Fur ads such a great texture to a room when combined with sleek metals, glass, linens, leathers and such. Just look at these spaces with (hopefully faux) fur throws… yummy, right? Especially the first one with my other obsession-black walls!

Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 46
I am pretty sold on this one, but it’s also pretty darn pricey for something I may decide I “hate” in a year.

Picture 45
This one is a close second and more realistic since it’s so much cheaper!

Picture 47
Pottery Barn even has a few to chose from!

Picture 48
This light lynx throw is pretty subtle and lovely too

Picture 49

Thanks to a reader tip, Z Gallerie has two gorgeous ones as well for under $100!

Picture 52
Picture 51

How I wish I had one to cozy up with right now!

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