I Die: Coco Chanel’s Apartment

(Coco in her apartment)
Did any of you watch Rachel Zoe Project last night?  I forgot it was on until my friend Marie texted me- “I hope you are watching Rachel Zoe- she’s in Chanel’s apartment!!!!” I almost fell off the couch and killed myself when I changed the channel and saw Rachel touring the queen of couture’s apartment on the famous Rue Cambon! When I was in Paris I did manage to get the guts up to go into the Chanel boutique in this location (very intimidating, especially when you are wearing jeans and look like a red-eye-flying hot mess) but did not realize THIS was right above.
While my decorating tastes veer far from this kind of ornate luxury, there is a little part of me that loves it and wishes I could lounge on that deep velvet sofa surrounded by gold and crystal and laqcuered chinoiserie panels and dream up my next collection…. don’t you agree?
Did I mention I was excited to see the new movie about Coco starring Audrey Tatou? She already looks the part in this shot from Vanity Fair! :)

P.S. The whole show made me LONG for my darling Paris- and wish I had someone like Rachel with me to force me to have made some purchases like way she did the whole “Jedi Stylist Mind Trick” on Brad and that leather trench!



  1. love it. The staircase looks like the one they did a fashion show down in the movie Coco, I wonder if they filmed it there?

  2. I love the wheat sheaf table! Last night's episode of RZ was so good. It made me want to go back to Paris!

  3. I died for the apartment last night! I loved how Rachel was starstruck and nervous! And Brad…he's bah-nanas. I want him to be my BFF. forevah.

  4. I watched this last night. The apartment is SICK! Amazing in every way. I can't believe that RZ was actually allowed to lounge on the coach and wear her sunglasses. So lucky!'
    Have a great day!

  5. Ooh la la…it's incredible and oozes her style! I need to turn off Gossip Girl and start watching RZ! :-)

  6. I am excited for the new Chanel movie, particulary since I hated the two part Lifetime movie, staring Shirley Maclaine. She was dreadful. Didn't even have a French accent.

  7. Wonderful post! I saw the episode last night and almost dies when RZ put on her glasses! Still so chic :) I love Coco and her timeless style. My dream is to tour her apartment or at least stay in her suite at the Ritz!

  8. I actually got up off my sofa and stood mere inches away from the TV in order to better catch every little detail of her apartment. Loved it. CANNOT wait for the film. We'll see if it even comes to Savannah. Here's hoping.

  9. I thought that was the staircase from the film, too – they must have replicated it if they didn't film it there.

    The film was good (Audrey was divine as usual) but it left me longing for more Coco Apres Chanel!!

  10. That bathroom is amazing.

    Yeah, I'd tweak a few things, auction a few things off. Otherwise perfect!!! It screams Paris.

  11. I "died" when she put her dashing-around-Paris-platform-pumps on Coco's couch! Li-Ter-ally gasped when she committed that crime…but wow was I jealous. Totally being Rachel Zoe for Halloween. Going to be BaNaNas.

  12. I missed that episode but have it taped to savor this afternoon :)
    Your glimpse inside Chez Coco is magnifique! I'd never seen the bath and some of these other shots. Thanks for such a pretty post.

  13. Just curious…where did the pictures of the Chanel apartment come from? Does anyone have a floor plan of the place?

  14. i was trying to watch this and my son just wouldn't let me – arg! i'll have to try to record a replay or something!

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