1. love the new layout…was scared b/c usually hate have to learn anything new but clean, easy and mighty good looking. good job.

  2. Dear Erin- I have no idea how I stumble across your Blog a few months back, but I have to admit I look forward to reading it first thing every morning! I like the new look, easy to navigate. Just wondering though, where is the section on Boston (it had recommendations on restaurants, etc). I live in California, but come out your way occasionally. I found your suggestions helpful. Can we get those back pretty please???

  3. LOVE IT! Love it all… the linen background, the blue cursive writing, the chocolate brown header. Simply fabulous! I’m working on sprucing up my blog as well, but it’s going slow… this was the punch of inspiration I needed. Enjoy your new look, I know us readers will!

  4. The change was a huge surprise! Congrats on the new look! I must confess…. I miss the old header! I LOVE seeing all the pretty pictures on the inspiration board.

  5. I thinks the site looks super and works great! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and really love it. Thanks!

  6. Erin-

    I’m a big fan and follower. Love the linen texture! Very cool. I miss the inspiration board, but that’s totally a subjective thing. I HAVE to be honest here as a graphic designer… the handwritten font is really hard to read!

    It won’t stop me from reading loyally everyday tho’. You could post in all caps Rage Italic Bold and I would still tune in. (Inside graphic designer joke.)


  7. The new site is very user friendly. However, my only criticism is that most of it is glaringly white. For a lot of us who are at the office most days reading this, we are often looking at spreadsheets, word docs, and google sites. A little color is a nice respite from the boring things we usually are looking at, not to mention it is literally easy on the eyes.

    (ps- don’t feel like you need to post this…)

    Thanks!! And I do really love your blog. ie I’m obsessed.

  8. Looks nice- one weird thing is that for some reason your posts have not been feeding into my google reader since the redesign. I even tried resubscribing today but still nothing feeding. The last post that is fed through Reader is on Oct 19th, the Thomas O’Brien post. Not sure if that is intentional? Love your blog, actually, ADORE your blog. :)

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