A Mountain House Guest Room Board

My parents bought a little house up in Vermont this fall and are in the process of decorating it.  My mom has one of the spare bedrooms set up with a pair of twin beds and wants it to be in a red and black scheme. So this morning I whipped together this whimsical take on a “mountain house” guest bedroom for fun!  The room would be Ben Moore’s Aura paint in Caliente and above each of the beds (with the black nail head Target headboards) would be the statement making paper covered resin deer heads from Etsy seller Ruby’s Lounge! And guess what- you can even have them made custom with your own choice of paper! I think they would be especially darling in a tartan plain in a room like this! Click on the images for links…


  1. I love it all! The Viva Terra bench is so mountain-cozy and those Target headboards are tres chic. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Too cute! I'm not a big fan of the mountain lodge look but you've managed to make it look utterly fabulous! Hope your mom takes all your suggestions.

  3. If I were your mom I'd whip out that charge card and start ordering! From someone who also has a place in Vermont, this is awesome. Wish I had seen it a few years ago!

  4. You really are talented. This is so different from your usual style, but it's just right for a mountain house.

  5. Looks awesome! The deer head is hysterical! Caliente is the red we settled on for our dining room. I may or may not have chosen it based on the name alone (oops).

  6. Those target headboards. Have you ever ordered one. They are made by skyline furniture and I've been wanting to order the whole bed, but not sure buying sight unseen. xo, thanks, keidy

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